Can we still call Ourselves Humanists?

With the way the current political and social arena is unfolding, do we still have the right to regard ourselves as a caring, sharing species who look after our world and those who call it home, most of whom have no tongue to speak on their behalf. From the horrific scenarios painted by the environmentalists and climate change agendoids to the resurgence (very possible) of the arms race between the East and West, not forgetting the purported epitomes of evil, countries like Iran, North Korea and China, with the Western nations willfully plundering and ravaging large swathes of the earth, we are definitely not entering a golden age. In stark contrast to the period from the mid 60’s to the early 80’s, which were a time of hope, prosperity and a feeling that life was improving and moving forward productively overall (obviously not fully true in retrospect), today’s world is filled with woe, disenchantment and a negative future outlook. The youth clinging to the climate bandwagon are desperately seeking some direction to follow and unfortunately taking most of what they see and read as gospel. Will they will have the ability to differentiate between the facts and misinformation, given the skewed version of rewritten history they are being fed with the overt politically correct stance and any lack of adherence to the narrative being severely opposed and, in extremis, punished?

"...I just omitted to tell the truth”. This encapsulates the global mainstream media today....

We are still omnivorous, so why are we being directed (not very subtly) to give up meat for the sake of the planet? Whose agenda is behind this and what is the ultimate end game? The mass of the population (the sheeple) are being herded faster and faster into a state of total dependency where they will face total control under the powers that be. Those powers are no longer the ones we vote for every few years but instead the multinational corporations and their shadow enactors who still appear to be immune to the rule of law. Sounds like conspiracy theory? Sorry, but the actual facts belie the version that is presented to us. As one British politician said so aptly in response to a question from a Committee of Enquiry “No Sir, I never lied. I just omitted to tell the truth”. This encapsulates the global mainstream media today. By deliberate omission, they only present the version that fits their particular agenda while appearing to be factual and presenting the truth. The protests that took place globally over the restrictive practices put into place to ‘contain’ the pandemic were largely unreported on the national news channels, though very visible on the net, barring social media when the likes of Twitter and FaceBook cut access to those airing these facts.

The population worldwide is under such pressure just to survive and stay at the same level that the time necessary to think things through has become a luxury afforded to very few. Nimby attitudes (Nimby meaning ‘not in my backyard’) abound with most people too tired and stressed out to invest the time needed to reflect and understand just how these changes that have been foisted on them will affect them now and in the long term. It has become normal for adult children to live at home with their parents until their 30’s before they can afford a deposit on a place of their own. A study in France has clearly shown that allowing young children to constantly use mobile phones (androids) before the age of 3 severely limits their speech and diction, and the ability to form coherent thoughts. Older ones find it more difficult to interact in face-to-face meetings as opposed to virtual contact. Our touch with reality is slipping as the ever increasingly available content on the net and media outlets associated with it is violent or pornographic and has led to many distasteful crimes being committed, more so by the children we naively think of as innocent, forgetting that we allow this content to be accessible easily. The youth are finding it normal to cyber bully each other, harass and attack those they dislike and all the while, making sure it is recorded for uploading somewhere. Fame is no longer attached to innovation, production, artistry or thought, but only to our most base instincts all centered on money and its visible accessories.

Our numbing sensorially due to the overwhelming number of shocking, horrific and mind boggling events we daily witness through our electronic devices has decreased our compassion and feeling of positivity. The number of homeless people has turned from a trickle to a flood but apart from making the right noises, we do very little. By the same token, we cannot cope with the never-ending flow and though we feel guilty at their plight and our inability to help, the sheer scale overwhelms us while those responsible deny their part in the process and deter the blame elsewhere. It is true we can possibly clone an approximation of an extinct mammal (the woolly mammoth is the favourite one) but species extinction is now at such a rate that diversity of life on this planet will soon be a footnote in history (30 years or less).As for the flora, the situation is even worse because our so called knowledge has huge gaps in it meaning that we will never know the true extent of the loss. This diminution of biodiversity will impoverish all of us given how many scientific and medical advances were discovered due to applications that derived from the information gained. But this library of knowledge will be irretrievably lost forever. The cataclysmic domino effect on the food chain will be unstoppable once tipping point is reached and we will end up with a solution that would benefit very few as the possibilities we took for granted run out. Choices in our food supply will be diminished greatly as many of the particular variations of vitamins, minerals and micro organisms we take for granted in our nutrients will no longer play a part in the growth of plants through the breakdown of both inorganic and organic nutrients necessary for their survival. Yes we can replace them with manufactured products like synthetic protein (for meat replacement but still tasteless with the wrong texture whatever advertising puts out) and GM crops (with all the associated problems inherent) but to what avail? It is a stop-gap measure and not a solution.

"...we are leaving the power of this very fundamental part of ourselves for others to control ...

Our very gradual understanding that we have certainly not changed biologically as fast as our technological breakthroughs lead us to believe is slowly starting to be underpinned by the knowledge that many of our basic bodily interactions are quite minimally understood. We have only just become aware that our so called ‘gut bacteria’, which we need to digest foods and stay healthy, are in fact largely viruses, not bacteria at all and we have to rethink our basic knowledge and understanding of the subject. In the realm of the conscious mind with its labyrinthian complexity added to the subconscious and primeval mind (reptilian, etc.), we are closely transforming the people into unthinking and unwitting instinctive beasts of burden for that is what cannon, office and Mac job fodder are. From being creative people who produced machines, concepts and extremely off the wall but fascinating ideas some of which were made tangible, we are leaving the power of this very fundamental part of ourselves for others to control and then provide the ‘product’. This replaces our imagination with a prepared version so that we only see what we are shown. Educational scholar and creativity researcher Kyung Hee Kim discovered, K-12 children's performance on the most reliable measure of creativity, the Torrance test, has declined more than a full standard deviation in a generation i.e.,85 percent of today's children are less creative than the 1980s ...09 Dec 2019.(Other studies show the contrary but they present little hard evidence). Our continuing evolution as a species is reliant on our ability to overcome problems affecting our survival, maintenance and growth. This requires thought and imagination along with conceptualization and visualization, which are integral to ensuring this continuance.Without it, we flounder and are only ‘saved’ by those wielding the processes necessary to ensure our survival, often to our detriment, over and above the fact we are still alive.

"...How does this benefit us? A never ending cycle of the depravation of earths biodiversity ...

Our very way of existence has passed the point where the reasons that large areas of the globe are populated by people at or below the poverty level are no longer consistent with what we are capable of doing to reverse that situation. We know we can make the desert flower and become productive, we can even land on a satellite, the Moon and survive. Yet we continue to divide, misrule and turn not only the people of the world but all its creatures’ lives into an unending daily struggle to survive. How does this benefit us? A never ending cycle of the depravation of earths biodiversity and the homogenization of our daily lives so that food and places become alike leaving us with the happy prospect of an ever decreasing quality of life. By ignoring the very things that make us human, we have allowed ourselves to be lulled into accepting the destructive pillage of earth’s resources and our own lives which are most commonly now (even in the ‘rich’ west) a battle to stand still or just barely survive. Few persons anywhere in the world have the time to pause, reflect, or just examine any facet of their lives fully, leaving them constantly driven not to fail. We exact a heavy price on failure, unless it’s commercial, (as many can attest being hit by Covid, economic downturn etc) and our vaunted safety nets do little but stave off extreme hunger.

We have some fairly important decisions to make as a race of not so advanced primates as to where we want to go in our relationships with each other, our planet and its resources and ultimately, our long term wellbeing. We all yearn for the peace to be able to enjoy the fruits of our labours (no matter how minimal) without the need to constantly be on our guard against ………. Surely, this is the least we have the right to demand?

What Do I Say!

I read, I listen (sometimes),

I hear and take in,

The viewpoints of others,

The mainstream, the outer limits,

The all encompassing Social Media,

And all it’s been said already many times.

Which leaves me with what?

An opinion, is it mine?

So really, nothing has changed.

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