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The journalists of The International Outsider have found that in order to gain the information and experience at first hand the events leading up to the action, let alone recording it, they are exposed to the high levels of criminality and violence accompanying it. This consequently places them in extreme danger from the criminals themselves and also the ‘street people’ they use to facilitate these nefarious acts. This is scary enough without the added layer of the ever watching Intelligence Service and to a lesser degree, the Police Service. The actions of these ‘upholdersand defenders of the law’ are far more insidious and harder to counter than simple acts of violence, though the violence can and sometimes leads to the point of no return.These organizations, the Intelligence Service and the Police Service will creatively manufacture ‘evidence’ and spread lies about the journalists if they feel or know the journalist has access to information that can point to and prove their corrupt practices. Using word of mouth and especially on social media, by using ‘trolls’ (these are people working for them who deliberately create accounts and profiles of non existent individuals to enable them to post untruths, skewed facts and false information as if it is true), to undermine the veracity of the information published by the journalist and tarnish their reputation for reliability and honesty.

"...They will create falsified legal documentation for crimes allegedly committed, so that they can intimidate the journalists...

However, it does not stop at this alone. They will create falsified legal documentation for crimes allegedly committed, so that they can intimidate the journalists with the threat of being arrested and charged for crimes they never committed. Further, they will place spurious charges on the National Police Database and then use this alongside the false documentation to charge the reporter (it shows continuity of criminal acts over a given period of time) as well as disrupting the reporter’s life via publicly visible intimidation dressed up as ‘upholding the law’ (when challenged directly, the charges ‘drop’ off the database mysteriously). This is played out by them in the financial world so that banks and other financial institutions close or freeze the journalist’s bank accounts and consequently their credit rating drops to zero. These entities (the financial services)are for the most part unaware as they accept the information they are fed as credible given the source supplying it. The poor reporter on the receiving end of this treatment finds it hard to function normally as hiring a car, booking a hotel or flight and all transactions requiring a bank card (whether credit or debit)are not attainable . This makes them reliant on hard cash, a position which leaves them open to ‘arranged’ thefts and muggings to further complicate their lives.

Having experienced this for more than a decade, our journalists worldwide but especially in South Africa, have collected and secured a mass of documentation as well as other proof (using a variety of mediums)to ensure their safety. They are thus able to prove in a Court of Law beyond any shadow of doubt, the falsehoods and lies underlying any charges leveled against them.

The Intelligence Service are most akin to vampires, avoiding the light and preferring to hide in the dark lest the twisted, untrue version of events and the insinuations underlying them are brought out into the cold, logical glare of platforms like a court of law or the media where they can be cross-examined and analysed in detail. On many occasions when directly challenged by us, they folded and backed down as they know that at The International Outsider, we will not hesitate to expose them legally by ensuring that this done globally through the overseas media, legal advisors and the courts in other domains. We also use international institutions like the United Nations, the European Parliament and its authorities, and of course, the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. We do this specifically as for the most part, they are out of the sphere of influence of the Intelligence Service and unlike local institutions, the Intelligence Service cannot pervert the course of justice and prevent the truth coming out. By constantly following this course of action, we are able to infiltrate virtually all levels of the criminal society and work with people on the street as well as the political, administrative, and commercial entities.

"...For us, the truth must out, which is why we adhere to two maxims. The first is ‘What is not written does not exist’...

This allows us to bring you, the reader, the true unvarnished facts so that you can come to your own conclusion knowing that it is neither in our interest or that of any pressure group or third party’s agenda as we are entirely self-funded and not beholden to anyone on this extraordinary globe that we call home, spinning through space. For us, the truth must out, which is why we adhere to two maxims. The first is ‘What is not written does not exist’ and the second is ‘To boldly write what is not written’ as this prevents the charge of falsehood or hearsay being leveled against us given we are always happy to provide irrefutable proof. And as is so aptly put in the Declaration of Human Rights, signed by all countries and their dominions under the auspices of the United Nations in 1948.We refer you to Article 19:

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impartinformation and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers. This encapsulates our ethos.

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