The Footfall of Dissolution.
Editorial 20/03/2022

We know that the words attributed to statesmen like Presidents Putin or Biden are often not their own but those agreed upon after endless meetings and discussions by the politicians, military, and the ‘accepted’ experts. The ongoing confrontation between the USA and Russia over the status of Ukraine and Donbass shows clearly the mismatch of those making the decisions concerning this and the reality of the situation itself. For the USA and UK, the hold on their allies is weaker than they first thought with some openly refusing to be a part of any military confrontation over Ukraine/Donbass and others even dismissing any notion of other measures like sanctions. The Nord Stream fiasco has shown the EU that it hurts only them economically but not the USA and UK. Can European countries like Germany and other afford to diminish their growth and economic viability for a very moot point? Is Russia upping the stakes or is it just responding to provocation by NATO. The sheer audacity of NATO to want to plant Weapons on the doorstep of Russia is frankly ludicrous and infantile. What response did they expect? If done to them, what response would they give? All out nuclear war? No one wins in the confrontation if the military take centre stage and of course, the true losers are the public, the very people who are supposedly being fought over, or for, or against, or….

"... Finally, more nations are asking on whose authority are they the police and what is their agenda? ...

All the excuses in the world are being used to engineer a confrontation between the increasing right wing utterances of the West and the firm and solid replies from the rest of the world. With the open acceptance of the extremist Nazi’s in Ukraine and the lack of either proportionate condemnation or sanctions/military intervention against Western excesses in Kazakhstan, Syria, and by its vassals like Israel have meant that the distrust between the Western bloc and the rest of the world has grown to be a significant problem for those wanting to be the world’s police. Finally, more nations are asking on whose authority are they the police and what is their agenda? Why one rule for them and another for us? The legal authorities are openly and completely biased against anyone having the mistaken belief that they can challenge the right of the West to operate the way it does. The United Nations is emasculated and only there to make a point and provide a relatively cheap form of financial help to some of those who play the game. Yes, it has other useful roles but the agendas subvert them to empower the propping up of the status quo. This changes nothing for the better and is holding back progress in future growth as if it is not the Donbass, then its colour revolutions, China or whatever can be whipped up to present a threat to ‘democracy’.

Yet again, the losers are the innocent, the civilians in the Donbass and Ukraine (not all of whom back the Kiev regime) who are caught in the crossfire and deliberately targeted because it is in the interest of the USA to sell its LPG to the countries of the EU and supply arms to other nation states within it, supposedly to protect themselves against ‘manufactured’ aggression. And all the while, Ukraine slides deeper into debt through unnecessary ‘loans’ from the IMF and World Bank. And this benefits the Ukrainian people how? NATO apparently now extends everywhere, from the Mediterranean (Israel is a member) and soon should encompass South Korea and Taiwan because all these countries are at ‘risk’ from the North Atlantic. The absurdity is tragic except that these followers of the agenda are reliably dumb and corrupt enough to be manipulated by the US and its hegemonic agendas, which we are all increasingly subject to through the effects on economies and thus our daily lives. This would be farcical if it were not so important, as it is a clear indication that the freedoms and rights we so often take for granted are now under concerted attack and will lead us to what we do not yet know.

"...yet we fail to challenge them when they go against our interests,..

At best, an inkling of the issue is filtering through to a growing number of people though still far from the tipping point. We can no longer afford the luxury of time to see how it unfolds as the strains and cracks in the ‘system’ become increasingly visible especially as they impact directly on our daily lives. We are all increasingly at the mercy of factors that impact our lives which are ‘beyond our control’. Since when did we decide that? We supposedly elect our leaders to act in our best interests on our behalf, yet we fail to challenge them when they go against our interests. In whose interest are the conflicts around the globe but those seeking power and those providing the means to facilitate the conflict.

The people of the Donbass have suffered torment and death since 2014 and those in Ukraine have not fared so well either. All the vaunted institutions of the world from the UN, the EU, the UK, the USA and the nonaligned nations as well as the oft quoted think tanks and foundations, have failed miserably to solve any of these conflicts, which seem to carry on regardless of whether or not a settlement has been reached. Yet once more, the civilians caught in the crossfire of geo-political sabre rattling are the losers with an unknown future, dependant on the agendas of those moving the pieces on the board.Is it not time to let them live in peace?

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