The current outlook for many.

(Note:This article reflects the personal opinion of the writer who has researched and collated the data very carefully so as to enable transparency on the issue raised.

The current outlook for many European countries looks utterly abysmal as of September 2022 (in fact, increasingly so since 2020). Electricity prices are skyrocketing (especially in the UK where the energy prices have risen astronomically over several months) and fuel, food and other commodities are rising on a weekly basis. Of course, according to most so-called leaders and MSM in the West, these price hikes are directly caused by President Putin and Russia’s special military operation (SMO) in Ukraine. This could not be further from the truth.

"...(Spar is closing two small stores, each within less than half a mile of where I live)...

While it’s true that many mainland European countries had been purchasing a fairly significant amount of oil/gas, the UK was only buying 4% of their fuel from Russia. Yet, among all European countries, the UK’s prices have risen the most, and by a huge percentage (well over 200%). So much so that already small businesses such as pubs and independent restaurants and other not so small chains of shops (Spar is closing two small stores, each within less than half a mile of where I live) are closing their doors in response to their recent, unsustainable energy bills and reduced profit margins. This is clearly a catastrophe for small businesses but for residential customers and families already close to — if not in — poverty, the unaffordable hike in energy cost is a terrifying prospect as winter fast approaches.

Recently, there have been warnings of blackouts, not only in mainland Europe because they have poor reserves and are not getting fuel from Russia until they stop the sanctions game and/or pay in Rubles but also in the UK. On top of that there are threats of restrictions on how and when people will be permitted to use electricity. The irony of this is that the UK and Western countries have been pushing for electric vehicles for a few years, upping their game over the past two years because: “climate change”. Yet now, it is likely that people will not be permitted to charge their cars at certain times. Even more ironic is the amount of power (including diesel-fired power) it takes to charge an electric vehicle just to go a few hundred miles - if everyone was charging electric vehicles willy nilly, it would completely overwhelm the grid.

So if it’s not Russia’s SMO in Ukraine, what is causing these unrealistic price hikes? In some European countries such as France and Germany that have relied on significant amounts of Russian fuel, the short-sighted sanctions against Russia have played a large part and one could say that these countries and others have shot themselves in the other foot with a 9K720 Iskander. Not only did the sanctions not hurt Russia in any significant way, they have allowed Russia to become more independent of the West, and led to greater cooperation and trade with other countries in Asia, South America, and further afield.

"...largely because the Kiev regime chose to mine ports ...

Other price hikes in the UK and mainland Europe include on seed oils, wheat, and consequently just about every processed food, including bread. While there have been disruptions in the supply of these goods from Ukraine, largely because the Kiev regime chose to mine ports in the Black Sea, which then had to be cleared before any ships could transport goods, there is a more insidious, more mind-blowing plot behind the rising costs.

It surely seems even to the most Government-trusting and obedient citizen more than coincidental that a huge number of food processing factories have been destroyed across the West — over 70 in the US alone — most often by fires/explosions. Crops have been destroyed by fire, drought and/or flooding. And in the UK since the great “pandemic” that never was, a number of crops were wasted due to lack of “pickers” (following Brexit and lack of migrant workers who were kicked out of the UK) as well as Euro-UK transport issues. In the US, cattle in their thousands have ‘died suddenly’ en masse after a few hot summer days and/or after being given a vaccination of some kind. This has also happened in other countries.

To find the real reason behind the price hikes and devastation to farming and the food chain, we have to take a close look at Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum (WEF) and the organisation’s dystopian intentions for the entire world (although thankfully it seems that a significant number of countries are not on board, such as Russia, Belarus, Hungary, Venezuela, some countries in Africa, and Brazil to name a few). This unelected and corrupt “elite” organisation with members such as the delightful Bill Gates, Boris Johnson, Justin Trudeau, JacindaArdern, Liz Truss and many more shifty characters do not have the best interests of ordinary people in the world at heart. In fact, their aim is to bring in an authoritarian New World Order in which (quote marks show Schwab’s words - stated in more than a few videos they have issued) we the peasants will “own nothing and be happy”. In effect, this means that they are intending to take supreme control of the world by crashing the world’s economies, destroying the food chain, preventing people owning anything, and making us all slaves to a dark, digital existence. The wheels are already in motion - the fake pandemic was the Trojan horse and far too many people fell for it. Depopulation is also one of the WEF’s major aims and over the past two years and particularly the last year is also well under way due to the EUA jabs. That’s another issue though.

One major aim of the WEF is to establish a social credit system where you will ‘have to behave’ the way they want or you just won’t be able to use your digital money, buy anything, do anything, or indeed go anywhere. Another is that they want to have everyone jabbed, chipped (yes, like a dog/cat), and your brain connected to the internet. The chief advisor to Schwab, Yuval Harari, is fully committed to transhumanism and for the WEF to have complete control of all other humans in every way, including their minds.

"... Schwab, or Harari, or thinks that Gates is a kindly philanthropist...

While this might seem far-fetched to anyone who has never even heard of the WEF, Schwab, or Harari, or thinks that Gates is a kindly philanthropist that wears cuddly but hideous grandad cardigans, these intentions are fully documented in both video format and publications, some of which are decades old. Many millions of people have saved these videos and documents so they can’t be hidden any more. Make no mistake; the global takeover has been planned for a very long time by shadow groups higher than Schwab including Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Bain group and others who morphed into Blackrock and Vanguard, who own most banking and major corporations.

Schwab has said publicly that he is proud of the way that the WEF has “penetrated” many government cabinets. So what does that tell you? It says that these governments are corrupt and are mere minions for the unelected WEF. And when we look at how all the Western government leaders behaved at the start of the “pandemic” (and still are, although some slightly more subtle than others), all of them in ‘lock step’ spouting “bring back better”, all bringing in lockdowns at the same time, all mandating masks and jabs and self-isolation, it becomes easier to see that government drones have overstepped their positions by miles and taken liberties with our liberties and human rights as the obvious wannabe dictators they are.

Incidentally, a mandate is not a law. A mandate has to be agreed by both parties. If you don’t agree, then don’t comply.

You may not be fully convinced that this is all true and happening under your nose. But if it’s not, then ask yourself, why is there a big push to go cashless? Why has Bill Gates been buying up huge areas of farmland in the US? Why is he investing in fake meat factories? Why are farmers being told that they must reduce the number of animals they are rearing? Why is the WEF offering to buy up farmland in the Netherlands/elsewhere if farmers decide to retire or give up farming due to the loss of profit? Why are there many new insect farms and a Hollywood-backed campaign to get us to eat insects? They are even slipping ‘cricket flour’ into some popular foods, at least in the US. One thing is for sure, the energy and food supply crisis has absolutely nothing to do with Russia’s SMO, a “climate crisis”, health, or ‘bringing back better’ for anyone, except these out-of-touch, criminally-insane lunatics.

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