Is Everything Quiet 'On' The Western Press?

It is undeniable that the normal law abiding citizen powered with what society call a decent education and half a working brain cell feels a wee bit schizophrenic in these heroic modern times. The world has gone Kafkaesque for sure. Like during the hectic days of the Cold War two blocks are competing for your attention and support and apparently the stakes are high.

The position of the Western Block is clear; Russia is guilty of an Invasion against Ukraine thus violating International Law and therefore is guilty as charged. For Russia and its partisans, Ukraine was posing a threat to the security and existence of the Russian Federation. According to Russia this threat came in many flavors but to cut a long story short by pursuing admission into NATO and having units of this western military organization so close to Russian borders, it constituted for the Russians a clear and present danger to their Motherland. Furthermore the Ukrainian state adopted a series of discriminatory policies (Also enforced in Law) against the ethnic Russian population of Ukraine literally abrogating both their citizen’s and their human rights. Making matters worse, Russia insisted that the neo Nazi elements had become part of the government and military structure of Ukraine making this nation untrustworthy and threatening.

One must not fool himself, we really did cut that story very short and if those reasons are sufficient for you to take a decision as to choose a camp, then I apologize for the following insulting comment because your are an imbecile and we do have a bridge to sell to you. To understand Ukraine, you need at least 400 years of Historical Data, to understand the current geopolitical situation you have to have a grasp of the story of Ukraine since the end of First World War. This reasoning however has a main flaw; does it mean that you have to be a specialist of Nuclear Physics to give your opinion on the danger of nuclear proliferation or its impact on the environment? If that was the case, the population would not qualify to give its opinion on anything as most issues demand to be placed in their context so that a solution is found and very often one needs hours, days if not months of research to achieve a minimum understanding and that definitely does not suit this world which adulates immediate gratification.

What does public gratification have to do with a hot war being fought in Eastern Europe? Actually Everything! People need to show that they are aware about the geopolitical situation; instead they will feel ignorant about ‘Key’ subjects having planetary ramifications. So of course they will tell you that they know ‘all about the situation in Ukraine’. The denizens of social media need to comment and to have their likes, is this not how it works? The more likes you have, the more erudite you feel. I cannot be wrong Elon Musk thinks like me! It is interesting however that no one question the provenance of their own knowledge. Does Elon think like I do and if so, from where did I get this knowledge about the situation? From my friends? From Twitter? From CNN? From the BBC? And if that is the case, am I only repeating what I heard from these sources or have I come to my own conclusion after having analyzed the arguments of ‘ALL’ the parties. Do I agree with them because they say to me that the other party is right or am I sufficiently confident in my awareness of the situation to conclude that ultimately they are right?

It would be a puerile exercise for us at The International Outsider to advise you what to read and to whom to listen as for one you will automatically judge us by putting us in a box (human beings are very good at this exercise) and you will not believe us as when you are confronted by the harsh truth, you will most probably succumb to cognitive dissonance, the refusal to admit the hard reality which contradicts our strongest beliefs.

There is a ‘New Guard’ in matters of free media and political analysis and most of the people who count among this new guard are extraordinary ones who present their work with undeniable professionalism. We could easily advise you to take a daily dose of The Duran where Alexander Mercouris will stun you with his pertinent geopolitical analysis as well as his huge historical knowledge and his partner in crime Alex Christoforou, has an original way of making you discover the actualities by taking a walk in his beloved Cyprus and is not allergic to some doses of humor. We could tell you check Brian Berletic of the New Atlas, who once was part of the United States army and despite that fact that he is extremely critical of Ukraine and the USA but insists mainly to use Ukrainian and American sources for information. Undoubtedly, I would personally recommend Garland Nixon, as well as ex marine corps colonel, Scott Ritter for his military insights and the invaluable experience he gained as a weapons inspector. If you like the cynical (But pertinent) approach about things, then Andrei Martyanov’s channel should be an excellent debut to the world of alternative media. Afterwards if you want to conclude by letting off some steam, you can take a dive with the energetic Jackson Hinkle. There is no lack of honest people out there trying their utmost best to get out the true information. Did I tell you that we will not advise you to review anyone as this discovery and journey should be accomplished by you and you alone? Then … oops.

The reason behind researching alternative sources of information comes mainly from the failure of MSM to bring to the population, adequate and unbiased information. The Pseudo Journalists of MSM who write their articles in an office or an hotel room contrast with the dedication of people like Patrick Lancaster who not content to only be on the field where the action is taking place, has accumulated such body of evidence regarding the crimes committed in the Donbass that one day his work will be key if light is ever to unveil this sordid period in Ukrainian history.

There is an unending list of recriminations against the way that MSM has tackled the Ukrainian conflict and how horrendously partisan and supportive they have been to Ukraine. They have hidden information when Ukraine was guilty of horrendous crimes; refused to report any information which upset the narrative of Ukraine being a ‘Vibrant Democracy’ which was respectful of human rights. Like the western Governments, main stream media has approved and covered the excesses of the bellicose Ukrainian regime.

And we can go on for hours on the kind of partisan attitude of MSM. We can debate the roots of the evil and point to who owns these media companies. We can even look into the history to explain the reaction of today’s press and that of a consenting population. Some people are afflicted with the syndrome of the Munich Treason or should we call it the Munich Syndrome? Long after the end of World War 2 and even nowadays, the victorious allies were haunted by the so called ‘Munich Treason’ when they allowed Czechoslovakia to be devoured by Hitler by granting to the German dictator, unacceptable concessions. Never again they thought would they let themselves be duped by the words of a bloodthirsty dictator. The stand was admirable and at first view, it looks at least like the allies had learned their lesson, albeit the hard way. But with the post war decades smoothing the memories, the Munich treason has been weaponized by the western leaders as the ultimate argument to convince that part of their population which is not already completely apathetic, that such or such foreign leader is a terrible Monster. We must get Rid of Saddam, remember Munich! We must Bomb Serbia, remember Munich! Putin must be stopped, Munich, Munich, and Munich.

Paradoxically, I read and watch more MSM than the alternative media mainly in my case to know what they are up to. If there is only one reason that I should choose to convince you to check out the new guard, it would be because they insist so much on banning and sanctioning the alternative press as fake news, a feat which astonishingly CNN, BBC, DW etc. indulge themselves in on a daily basis. Why do they find it so dangerous for you to watch RT or read Sputnik News? Do they want to protect you and your moral sanity or they do not want you not to question the narrative? My last advice to you is arming yourself with Occam’s razor and go find out!

Post Scriptum.

Very soon the International Outsider will provide more information about the New Guard and we have come up with an original way to help those who seek if not the truth, but instead comprehension. We will let our readers know in due term. Yesterday, I already put a conclusion to this article when I had a horrific thought, “And if I was wrong, and if all these people were right? “ Doubt is a B…., as will agree with me the most dedicated atheist at the very end of his life, or for that matter Moses in the desert or the Christ on his cross. As counter intuitive as it may appear, doubt also is an excellent thing helping you to avoid unforeseen obstacles while the one who knows no doubt, is stubborn and a half baked bread with no possibility to change opinion or grow, in other words on the path of an evolutionary dead end. Have you thought about the German who genuinely believed in the Nazi rhetoric? The man could honestly after the conflict argue that he had never been exposed to the truth as he was living in a country with a regime which closely guarded access to information. What about you? What if you are wrong and you have chosen the wrong camp? Would you have this exit door? Can you pretend not being exposed to the truth? With freedom of opinion comes the responsibility of looking for the right information. Where do you think that the New Guard that I spoke about gets its information? Obviously, people like them would have access to some sources that may be not publicly available but I can guarantee you that they find 90 percent (If not more) of their information online, a feat that any responsible citizen should be able to achieve by themselves instead of waiting to be spoon fed dubious information by corrupt agencies like the BBC, CNN, DW and all MSM in general. I will end this article with an English translation of a French song. The Authors, a Jewish Frenchman, A White Caucasian British and A Black female American add their different ethnicities to the power full and dramatic words. You should think about it before it is too late.

What if I was born in 17 in Leidenstadt

On the ruins of a battlefield

Would I have been better or worse than these people

If I had been German?

Cradled with humiliation, hatred and ignorance

Nourished by dreams, by revenge

Would I have been one of these improbable consciences?

Tears in the middle of a torrent

If I had grown up in the docklands of Belfast

Soldier of one faith, one caste

Would I have had strength against and against mine

To betray, reach out a hand?

If I was born white and rich in Johannesburg

Between Power and Fear

Would I have heard these cries carried by the wind?

Nothing will be like before

We'll never know what we really have in our bellies

Hidden behind our appearances

The soul of a brave man or an accomplice or an executioner?

Or the worst or the most beautiful?

Are we among those who resist or are we the sheep of a flock

If more than words were needed?

What if I was born in 17 in Leidenstadt

On the ruins of a battlefield

Would I have been better or worse than these people

If I had been German?

And spare you and me if possible for a very long time

Of having to choose a side

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