Death of Free Speech

The dying throes of free speech...?

The right to practise free speech has always been under attack across the world since the time it was first recognised as a right. Those who speak out against governments, or their leaders, or organisations that might not have everyone’s best interests at heart (apart from their own), particularly their misdeeds or extreme or unreasonable policies, have been persecuted, jailed, and wors

"...this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and...

So where did freedom of expression or free speech start? The Athenian democratic principle of free speech may date back to the 6th or early 5th centuries BC. The Roman Republic (from approximately 509 BC to 27 BC) included freedom of speech and also freedom of religion. England’s Bill of Rights 1689 established the constitutional right of freedom of speech in parliament. One of the world’s first freedom of press acts was established in Sweden in 1766. The declaration of the rights of man and of the citizen was established in France during the French Revolution in 1789. Other countries followed suit at different times in history and finally the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19, in 1948, states the following:“Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”

Despite these declarations, people have been hounded throughout history for daring to speak freely. Why if these rights are written into almost every country’s constitution, plus a universal declaration, are they often widely and blatantly ignored by governments?

Interestingly, Scotland’s ancient blasphemy law (about 200 years old and dormant for 175 years) was originally punishable by death and then the law was reformed to have punishments of imprisonment or fine or both in the 1800s. Worryingly, the new Hate Crime Bill in Scotland passed in April 2021 is a modernized (questionably so) version of the old blasphemy law but is a more wide-ranging anti free-speech law which now makes Scotland the most aggressive regulator of free speech in the UK and one of the most aggressive in Europe. With this bill, it will become a crime to behave in a threatening or abusive manner based on someone’s affiliation with a particular belief (any belief). Intent does not even need to be demonstrated, only likelihood of stirring up racial (or other) hatred. What’s the punishment? Up to 7 years in jail. The new legislation will cost the Scottish taxpayers over £1M to implement and could technically be used to shut down any voice that is unwanted by the government or any large and powerful organisation.

".. and the underhand use of extensive spying by the US while he was in the Ecuadorian Embassy.....

Julian Assange is arguably the most well-known journalist who has been unfairly persecuted, tortured, spied on, and even kidnapped by police and subsequently thrown in a high security jail (Belmarsh on the outskirts of London), with the US trying to extradite him for his reveal in Wikileaks of military crimes against civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq, among other heinous crimes of the CIA and other “security services”. The US appealed a refusal by UK courts to extradite him to the US on the basis of ill health and the risk of suicide; if extradited, he would potentially face a ridiculous 176 years of jail, if in fact he made it to jail alive in the first place. The man is physically not well with a number of conditions; he allegedly has Asperger’s syndrome, and the years of stress in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London along with the years of stress, torture, and solitary confinement in Belmarsh have not in any way helped his health. The preliminary hearing challenging the refusal to extradite him was held on August 11 and the US won the right to challenge all five grounds the judge ruled on, largely to do with the questions of health and suicide risk. The extradition hearing will be held on October 27/28. Mr Assange has global support; for all it is a rejection of the cruel manner in which he has been and is being treated, and the underhand use of extensive spying by the US while he was in the Ecuadorian Embassy.

If the US is successful, it will effectively end the right to free speech for every independent journalist, blogger, writer, YouTuber, and everyone else. Crimes against humanity in any form should always be questioned. But by removing the right to report on them, it means that in the future, the powerful criminals will be free to continue their crimes while those who seek to reveal them to the people and protect human rights or at least challenge the real criminals, are persecuted.

Craig Murray, an ex-diplomat and independent journalist and blogger who covered Alex Salmond’s case (in which Salmond was acquitted of the trumped-up charges made by the Scottish Government), and was accused of ‘jigsaw identification’ of two of the defendants, has also been recently jailed for 8 months, even though many people agree they were unable to identify the defendants (who had in fact lied anyway but that small point seems to have been swept under the Scottish court’s carpet) through his covering of Salmond’s hearing. It appears to many to be a witch hunt, like Salmond’s before him, by the Scottish State and reflects the poor standard of Scottish “justice”.

Incidentally, it’s worth noting that others who speak out against the Governments and pharma industry, such as doctors or scientists or journalists that question the propaganda, not too unusually end up ‘suicided’ and ‘heart attacked’. Or at least unexpectedly dying in unusual circumstances.

There are many more cases of people unfairly and politically jailed and censored without any legitimate charge. But this censorship on freedom of speech has escalated to shocking new heights over the last 18 months or so.

The contrived covid pandemic and worldwide push of mRNA injectable and experimental gene technology has seen a massive rise of techno giants and WEF-directed government crack downs on people who question the lockdown/mask/jab propaganda particularly on MSM, Twitter, and FB. YouTube too has been heavily censored and people trying to disseminate information on truth backed by evidence often find themselves demonetized or shut down completely

"... Numerous other platforms have emerged where people can share their concerns...

However, humans being humans, they are quite good at devising or finding new ways to share information and discuss findings and discrepancies in government rhetoric and the “science” by other means. Numerous other platforms have emerged where people can share their concerns or information via videos or other material. Many of the people or organisations questioning the rhetoric have done an incredible amount of research and investigation, most to great personal sacrifice, as did Assange and Craig Murray albeit on different issues, and there are now large networks of people across the globe who are questioning much more.

Despite Anthony Fauci, Biden, Johnson, Macron, Sturgeon and many of the governments’ spokespersons ‘flip flopping’ on guidelines and barely making any sense most of the time they open their mouths, least of all scientifically, it’s incredible that more people are not questioning anything at all. Part of the reason for that is the refusal of MSM to report on the mass gatherings around the world, or on the large numbers of deaths and adverse reactions to the jabs. They are marketed as “safe” by the companies themselves, and that is propagated by MSM/Governments; however, one glance at VAERS, MHRA Yellow Card and EMA ADR reporting systems tells a completely different story. Please bear in mind that ADRs are only reported at a rate of 1-10%. So, the majority are unreported.

There has been a massive active and coordinated attempt to shut down “antivaxxers” – the derogatory name used for naughty “refuseniks” (another derogatory name), because many are not antivaxxers but are simply against mandatory masks, lockdowns, and mandatory medical treatments as well as “digital passports”, that will ultimately — and it’s already happening to an extent — divide society into a two-tier system with a digital social control system in place, China style. On mainstream social media, algorithms, bots, and paid operatives attack single messages and account owners to try and discredit them or the information given.

Is that allowing people the right to question things and permitting freedom of speech? Do people not remember history? What happened in Germany in the 1930s/40s? This is happening again, now. In fact, in Canada and many other countries, they are building massive quarantine facilities. Trudeau, the president of Canada announced this the other day. People who do not “toe the line” can be forcibly removed from their homes, taken from their children and placed in these facilities for an indefinite time, with no known policy for how they will be treated once there. Do we really want this for people who speak out, or refuse to jump on board with unscientific, worldwide rhetoric mandating treatments we largely don’t need that have not been tested properly? Is freedom of speech and the right to challenge authorities dying or dead?

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