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For those like us at The International Outsider who follow the situation in Ukraine, the name of Russell Texas Bentley is integral to the story of those handfuls of men from Western countries that went to Donbass to do the right thing; they were journalists, humanitarians, idealists, and sometimes warriors. The contrast between those who have for years given part of their lives to Donbass and the British mercenaries caught under the command of the Azov Battalion is stunning, we will return to this. Recently,however, one of Russell Bentley’s videos became viral and several outlets from MSM felt compelled to explain to the self-righteous, the case surrounding Russell.

"...his work in the media, on the frontline or his efforts to alleviate the ignored plight of...

Russell ‘Texas ‘Bentley has been publishing on the internet for years and people close to the cause of Donbass have been publishing him for years too but a simple Google search on his name will not bring forth the impressive bulk of his work in the media, on the frontline or his efforts to alleviate the ignored plight of the ‘Good’ people of the Donbass, as he always affectionately puts it. What Google will pull on the first page is an article by Rolling Stone or the one of Newsweek followed by a legion of negative articles about Texas. Both the article of Rolling Stone signed by Tim Dickinson and one by Newsweek’s Jamie Burton have the pretention to oppose their intellectual and worldwide accepted view contrary to the accordingly more simplistic view of Texas. We will not take the time to break down the stupidities written by those publications but at The International Outsider, we pride ourselves on speaking about a subject only when we have thoroughly and consciously analysed and studied the matter.

Despite the confident words of Tim Dickinson, he is totally ignorant if he dares pretend that Ukraine is a vibrant democracy. We are happy to meet him in any Court of Law regarding this matter so that he and all those who propagate this total fakery are finally put under the light. This edition is awash with articles proving with sources totally acceptable to the self-righteous that Ukraine is a failed, racist state with bellicose and murderous tendencies; that is an empirical truth. The gurus of the information war can ban us for this sentence but they cannot take us on in a Court of Law as they will be obliterated by the amount of proof available that Ukraine is in fact, even less than a banana republic. When totally unethically the ignorant Dickinson speaks about the ‘wounded Pro-Russian separatists’ that Bentley sympathizes with, he is deliberately underplaying a massacre of the cowardly Ukrainians today hailed like heroes when they burnt people trapped alive deliberately.

. Will it even be more morbid to add that the Molotov cocktails used to perform this barbaric act were prepared by the young delicate hands of Ukrainians beauties still in their teenage years whose smiling pictures as they prepare them are still available here and there on social media? Are those people only wounded or is it a deliberate underplaying of the situation so that the readers of Rolling Stone do not start to ask embarrassing questions? Will someone challenge us about that? In fact, Dickinson only repeats like a psychopathic parrot, the boring rhetoric, there is no Nazi problem in Ukraine or that Zelensky cannot be a anti-Semitic because he is a Jew, a sentence that is constantlyrepeated, ignoring the realities of our past or our history in that traitors have always existed and a quisling to his own people will mean something to the educated. The article of Dickinson is full of the proof of his beliefs in their own exceptionalism when he writes that he asked Bentley, “The world is not seeing Russian troops greeted as liberators”. One can ask the question, what is the world that Mr. Dickinson speaks about, the world minus China? The world minus India? The world minus all the countries that still do not want to implement sanctions against Russia? We will certainly not recommend you to read this article as it is not your painful duty to do so but instead it is ours so that we can tell you where the ignorant are situated on the internet so that you avoid landing there by mistake.

"...that this article is much more balanced though highly suspicious too...

We spoke to Russell as the article is mainly about him but we did not even bother to lose his precious time asking him his opinion about these psuedo’s articles but it was our duty to check the Newsweek point of view of the 03/03/2022 and we can tell you that this article is much more balanced though highly suspicious too. Suspicious as it is when Newsweek jumps on an occasion where Bentley uses the words ‘Denazify’ to write, quote:” However, dozens of historians have signed an open letter condemning Russia’s actions and rhetoric. Laura Kockusch, a professor of Holocaust studies at Brandeis University in Massachusetts, told NPR that the language is part of “a fiction that is used by Putin to justify his war of aggression on the Ukraine.

"...few bodies left in a street in a warzone constitute proof of genocide or war crimes while thousands of civilians murdered by Ukrainian forces...

.” Let's' make something clear, President Putin will as easily find dozens of historians willing to sign a letter saying exactly the contrary of what the Western propaganda is portraying as the truth. As for Laura Kockusch, a ‘Professor of the Holocaust’, is she not supposed to know that history is not written like that. In his book, ‘The Rise And Fall of The Third Reich A History of Nazi Germany‘recognized by the majority of Historians as one of the major works of reconstitution of World War Two, the author William L. Shirer explained that 15 years after the events of the war that he dares to write such an historical account at such an early time because of the staggering amount of documents left behind by the Third Reich after their debacle. Only time will prove what the Ukrainians have done and Newsweek and MSM have to explain to us why a few bodies left in a street in a warzone constitute proof of genocide or war crimes while thousands of civilians murdered by Ukrainian forces during 8 long years does not even receive a condemnation in the United Nations. Both Burton and Dickinson seem to downgrade the values of Bentley but what an honest reader should take out from these papers is that despite the fact that Texas was raised in a wealthy family, he is a self made man building his education on his observations, experience and instinct. We understand that he travelled extensively and honourably served his country. We also learned that he is a man we can identify with being on the side of the right fights having fought on the human rights front as well as protesting against both Gulf Wars. But we have asked some questions for you to Bentley who had the kindness to spare some of his time for us and let’s see how the man describes himself and what has and still motivates him.

"..I also served in XAH Spetsnaz Battalion and MVD V.V. military police....

Q: [] Can you tell us rapidly what you are doing now in Donbass?

A: [Texas Donbass], I came to Donetsk in December 2014 to defend the people of Donbass and fight fascists. I joined the Vostok Battalion and served for a year at the Front in some of the hottest positions - Donetsk airport, Spartak and Avdeevka in 2015 and 2017. I also served in XAH Spetsnaz Battalion and MVD V.V. military police. I am an accredited war correspondent and human aid volunteer in the DPR. I have been doing information warfare and human aid since 2015. I am a co-founder of Donbass Human Aid, a registered 501(c) 3 charity in the USA. (

*The International Outsider: Mr. Bentley like most of the unpaid volunteers and journalist/reporters receives no income from the DPR/LPR Donbass Authorities for his time and effort and like us and many other reporters and activists involved in promoting the truth about the War in Ukraine including in Donbass, is self-funded in the main and relies on his own efforts and limited sporadic donations.

Q: [] For someone like you who has been engaged from the beginning on the side of the people of Eastern Ukraine, what is your reaction in front of the emotional and unequivocal support of Western countries for the regime in Kiev?

A: [Texas Donbass] The Maidan coup installed a US-controlled puppet regime that uses genuine "Heil Hitler “Nazis as enforcers. It is no exaggeration to call them "Nazis", in fact, it is the most correct term to use. Terms like "far right" or "nationalists" are intentionally misleading. The Nazis in Ukraine are mass murderers, torturers, and war criminals. They are no better and no different than ISIS cannibals and terrorists, and are armed, paid, trained and directed by exactly the same scum - the ones who own and control the US and EU governments and NATO. They are literally the Fourth Reich, the Nazis of the 21st century. The vast majority of the populations of the countries these Nazis control are no better than the "good Germans" under the Hitler regime. They are either too stupid to form their own opinion or they are wilfully ignorant and simply avoid knowing the truth in an attempt to evade their own responsibilities for the crimes of their rulers. What other feelings than fear, loathing and contempt can decent people have for such creatures? Of course, we do not condemn all citizens of the countries that attack and seek to destroy us, we know there are a small percentage of people in these countries who understand that their own worst enemies are the Nazi parasites who rule them.

Q: [] What today are the predominant feelings of the population of the region now liberated from Ukrainian Control?

A: [Texas Donbass] The Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian nation have been robbed, raped, tortured and murdered for over 8 years by the criminal Nazi regime that the U.S. installed. All good people in areas liberated by Russian and Donbass forces are grateful and relieved to have their oppressors driven away. The only ones who are not happy about it are the Nazis themselves and their collaborators.

Q: [] Mainstream media has vaunted the performance of the Ukrainian army while downplaying advances of the Russian forces; how would you rate the fighting spirit of the Ukrainians today after more than 100 days of conflict?

A: [Texas Donbass] Only idiots watch or believe western mainstream media. To do so is the intellectual equivalent of coprophagia. It is no exaggeration and simply a fact to say that everything, every single thing, that western mainstream media says is a lie. And when I say "lie", I don't mean a matter of a few degrees or a slight difference in perspective or interpretation; I mean the exact opposite of the truth. A damned lie. Russia and Republican forces will take as much of Ukraine as we deem necessary, and the chance of anyone stopping us is zero. Russia can handle the Ukrainian army with ease, no matter how many billions of dollars worth of weapons the NATO regimes send. If NATO becomes directly involved in Ukraine, Russia can handle them in Ukraine and/or in Europe. Russia can take its time in the liberation and denazification of Ukraine, because the outcome is as clear as it is inevitable. The part of Ukraine that will be liberated by Russian and Donbass forces will recover, prosper and grow. Whatever is thrown to the Western powers will make Somalia look like Dubai.

The real war, the global war that is already going on, is currently economic, and Russia has already won that war too. The dollar will soon be worthless, and there will be famine in Europe, and I'm not talking about some distant future, I mean this year, and the next year will be worse. And Russia did not cause this; it was completely the work of the oligarch and parasite class of the EU and North America. And the vast majority of their citizens are too stupid to see what was going on right before their eyes, and too cowardly to do anything about it. The old saying is true - people get the government they deserve.

Q: [] What would you say about the reality in Donbass to people exposed only to the propaganda coming from the Western capitals and mainstream media?

A: [Texas Donbass] People who consume only western mainstream media are too stupid to have an opinion, much less express one. They are the worst kind of idiots, the ones who think they know it all, too stupid to even understand how stupid they are, who react violently to anyone who tries to disabuse them of their idiocy. I do not waste my time talking to such creatures for the same reason I do not spend time trying to educate mad dogs or flies.

Q: [] You been living a risky life in Eastern Ukraine, what is your main motivation to continue on?

A: [Texas Donbass] When I came to Donbass in December 2014, I came to fight, and to be honest, I did not expect to live through that hard, hard winter of 2014 - 2015. But I did. We have taken on one of the world's most powerful armies and held our ground for 8 years, and are now taking the fight to them, and winning. My life here has been hard and dangerous, but these last 8 years have been the best years of my life. There is nothing else I'd rather be doing, and no place else I'd rather be. Almost all of my friends are either soldiers or Orthodox priests or monks. Some are both. The finest people I have ever known. I have a brave, beautiful and brilliant wife, and we have a small house with a big garden on the outskirts of the city. We will defend our city, our friends, and families and our way of life. We will crush those who have attacked us, and liberate not just the good people of Ukraine, but the good people of the world, from the Nazi butchers who want to exterminate most of humanity and enslave the rest. I am a poet, and I love poetic justice, and I love to see the Good Guys win, so I will do my best to be a part of making that happen, and if I don't happen to live to see our final victory of Good over Evil, I am certain it will come, with me or without me, and I am satisfied knowing I have done my share to make it happen. How about you?

Certainly a rhetorical question on which we all need to ponder. We told you before that here was a difference between the mere mercenaries fighting for Ukraine for a salary and a flagrant difference between those sitting, now waiting for their execution in the cells of the Donbass. Bentley is the salt of the earth. He may be rude for some people sometimes but he has his heart in the right place. He has not jumped onto the bandwagon; he is one of those rare voices who were here since the beginning

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