Dear friends our Facebook (META) Account has been hacked. We have made the necessary attempts to recover it but unfortunately Facebook will take up to 14 Days to delete the account, as of NOW please do not Access the account and do not accept any financial advice of any kind but above all never send money to this individual on Facebook. The international outsider will never ask you for your personal details nor to follow any kind of links from FB. Note that the only legit donation Button is found on this website and nowhere else. We sincerely and deeply apologize about any inconvenient that this shameless individual may have caused you.

We are trying to warn all our FB followers so that we can track the scammer and follow up with the authorities. We will be grateful if ever you are contacted to let us know without delay thought this email address [email protected] or to use one of our secure social media accounts on the links found on our pages, two of these accounts on Twitter are @astroverbot or @stanadmakobo

There are few possible reasons behind the hack, the republic of South Africa is Unfortunately plagued with the so-called ‘Nigerian Scammers’ a term widely in use in RSA an all over the Internet.

We at The International Outsider do not use this extremely pejorative terminology as it unjustifiably put the blame on all Nigerian Nationals and that is morally wrong. That being said it is possible that we are simply victim of one of this scam.

There are unfortunately few other reasons all related to the intelligence services. We do not at the International Outsider believe a lot in coincidences and it is rather troubling that the person who has been hacked a colleague working for and with us is the same person who contacted the US embassy and published a letter asking to the head envoy of the US in South Africa some embarrassing explanations about the detention in Ukraine of Gonzalo Lira. Furthermore we ourselves have sufficiently written against the excesses of the intelligence services for us not to count among their ‘friends’. They would do such a thing so that they can discredit the person they attack. We are following the matter closely as our readers well know that we know quite a bit about computers.

There is another responsible which is the Facebook of Zuckerberg, one just have to see on their twitter account the astronomical number of people hacked, these people has sent their ID and all the documents proving their ownership but still the policies of Facebook are advantaging the scammer who knows that he has 14 days to milk the cow with the complicity of Facebook. It also proves the weak technical means that are available to Meta has they cannot handle the amount of issues that are presented to them on a daily basis and in that sense their inferiority to twitter is palpable.

What the reader read about the International Outsider is only the tip of the Iceberg, in fact hundreds of people contact us for help some because they sadly cannot even afford a loaf of bread and some that fear for their lives, most of them in some kind of distress, and we help, tirelessly without receiving a penny using our own money to fill the gaps. Recently due to our intransigent attitude publishing what we honestly deem to be the truth we have had extreme difficulties to receive donations and it certainly has hurt our capacity to maintain the newspaper but the people of the Outsider are Tough Cookies and it is a team that stretches from Cape Town to Harare, from Harare to Seoul, from Seoul To Moscow and from Moscow to Scotland. We have known wars, threats, and attempt on our lives at gun point in a Hotel of the Cape. Our members risk their lives feeding us information from war zones and infiltrating dangerous criminal organizations. We feel terribly responsible about this situation that is why we are spearheading a campaign against Facebook until the account is recovered or deleted, during that campaign we will urge all our readers to consider leaving Facebook due to its blatant security flaws. The International Outsider is a modest publication among us we have a saying’ Running Dry’ , we use it when the newspaper has not published anything of importance during a month, when that occurs we carry only 55 to 65 thousand visitors during peak moments it has occurred that we reach the quarter of a million. We unfortunately are great fans of poetic justice and as they say payback is something that we are too polite to publish here. Therefore we will try our best to take from Facebook at least the same amount of people that we have lost and will let you know how all this unfold. In the meantime are creating a fake account each day to hassle both Facebook and the hacker. We apologize once more for all the trouble this situation is causing to our supportive readers and members but as usual with your precious help we will see the end of it.

This incident has shed the light on the donation issues we are facing, please if you value our work and the dedication we have to bring to you facts and analysis in this trouble world. Any help will be greatly appreciated, so do not hesitate to press the donation banner which will carry you to Paypal, donations also help us resist the need to use adverts as a source of revenue. Once again thank you for your support in past and now in these very difficult times we are living.

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