Is There an Answer to the Issues Facing Us?

The question we all face is this ‘Will the War in Ukraine lead us to annihilation?’. We came to the conclusion that the problem facing us is that the question that should be asked instead is “How do we bring this situation to an end?”, not something that is being discussed logically or coherently in the corridors of power in the West. In order to reach an fairly unbiased and fact driven cohesive argument, we must examine the root causes of this conflict and understand that far from being understandable in a black and white way, the grey though not overwhelming is very pervasive. The problem arising is what are the salient points? To start with the conflict is driven especially in the Media by ideological and emotive issues which in essence are the clear division between the ‘western’ and ‘eastern/rest of the globes’ markedly different approaches and implementation of those differing versions of political systems we loosely label democratic. Saying for example that Russia or China is autocratic does nothing to formulate discussion but merely enforces the western position in regard to these 2 nations which they then embody in their interactions globally and at best, is sanctimonious. Their systems are in many ways more democratic than the western ones, more so without the constant formulation of new laws and edicts undermining the very basis of human rights so prevalent in western nations today. The verification of this is easily available outside of the references like Wikipedia with its pronounced MSM bias and the media outlets which are following the narrative espoused b the collective west.

So why the hard line approach to resolution? Because behind the differences are the economic/financial realities of today’s world where the western model of capitalism is falling down. The West is bankrupt and has been for quite some time, it no longer covers its needs by producing large amounts of liquid money by producing goods and services which are profitable, unless the terms of the deal are in the West’s favour. So its favoured style of life is no longer affordable unless it can throw its weight or military might into the purchase and extraction of commodities and services that benefit it, which has become impossible given the producers are no longer willing to accept the deal. An impasse has been reached where the USA’s/Western military is not able to conclusively cower the global producers through the threat of action, many of which are smaller nations (without adequate military prowess) let alone facing the combined west, However, many have found backing from other sources like Russia, China, India and other regional powers. Mainly because the West cannot afford to lose control of the ‘globe’, the situation in Ukraine has arisen and with it the looming spectre of a final nuclear dance.

So is there an answer? We so often remain in complete ignorance of the other viable alternative methods of problem solving mainly because we are not exposed to them due to their non inclusion in any aspect of the ‘main ‘debate. This debate is usually one sided with ‘experts’ and a carefully orchestrated vilification/demeaning of any ‘other’ views or information not confirming the current narrative. Thus leaving the public unaware of the reality of the situation and further emboldening the politicians and those who are strategists to seek further escalation of the situation in Ukraine so drawing us closer to WW3 or at the least, constant conflict over areas of the globe and perhaps, a close shave showdown .

Of course there is an answer. The problem is getting the ‘leaders’ of the West to understand the world does not work according to their agenda; other nations have their own agendas too. No amount of threatening, bullying, or other methods like sanctions will work because the other players cannot be forced to comply with the demands promulgated in the West. We face War because of intransigence among the Western elite running the show since their path does not lead to success but only mutual degradation (if the nuclear option is exercised) or certainly at the least, partition globally into very defined camps offering us little hope of accord in the medium term. In truth, we are the electorate, the backbone of the nation whichever nation you choose, the funders of the public purse and above all, the very reason we have a distinct national identity. Until the mass, the so called public, clearly tell the politicians and commercial interests that the lowering of living standards, the erosion of human rights, the enforcement of measures designed to protect the public on the say so of ‘experts’ with no consultation is not right and must cease forthwith, there is little to really hope for with regard to preventing the conflagration we all face.

Not Einstein’s Relativity.

Let’s steal but legalise it,

Gender is fluid and many,

Excess is catered to,

Fascism is cool,

War is a good solution,


We can survive.


Oh of course,

Everything’s relative,

So bad is cool,

And good is bad.

I’m a little confused,

My thoughts must be wrong,

According to you.


Please ask me,

Or others (many of them),

Before you decide my outcome

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