La Belle France, Colonial Oppressor to the Core.

The French colonialists are still looting Africa today. But France is democratic country, one of the mainstays of the EU, distributing largesse and democracy globally (like it did in Libya turning the country into a dystopian state where violence and poverty are now endemic) so how come? France is still living on the back of its ex-colonies, colonies it ruled harshly and which it exploited for its own benefit never putting in place solid infrastructure and sound educational/administrative facilities let alone an industrial base that would not only provide employment but that could be expanded to ensure economic and technological growth. Citizens of the African French speaking nations are shocked to find themselves discriminated against, often facing violence and exclusion, when they travel to ‘La Belle France’ to live, study or just to holiday and buy French goods. The French in their magnanimity even managed to cause maximum destruction( both short but mainly long term) to the population of Reggane in Algeria (a former colony of theirs) with nuclear explosive tests which dispersed nuclear radiation (fallout) without any protection or information being made available to those affected. Instead, a policy of denial and silence on the whole issue remained for decades until Algeria pressed the issue much to France’s annoyance. Do we need to add more examples of the complete ruin and destabalising of ex French colonies, still grappling with the misery inflicted in the past and continuing today so that the French population can live the ‘good life’, at their expense. Not one of their colonies today has escaped their clutches completely and can be called a truly indipendent sovereign nation. Their influence is far from bening yet they would lead us to believe they represent the best of human culture and morality. If that is so, I for one like most right minded people reject it as it shows a total lack of humanity and any semblance to morality or ethics.

France annually receives more than 500 billion Euros from the Francophone countries for ‘running’ the CFA franc scam, the currency the nations use between themselves, internally and in order to transact internationally. There is no logical basis for this to continue as the only nation that benefits is France, at the expense of all those using the CFA franc. French troops are stationed in many of thse nations under the pretext of providing security. For whom and against whom? The indigenous population who do not want the ‘elected’ democratic government stooges put in place by France to rule them and keep them in poverty? The answer is yes, the possibility of war with other nations though real is very much of a red herring as the nations all want to improve themselves and certainly do not want to engage in costly and destructive acts of violence. But they all face incursions by armed groups ranging from Islamic extremists (ISS) to so called ethnic and tribal terrorists who often are only local ‘chieftains’ wanting greater power and wealth as well as those dissatisfied individuals who have everything to gain and nothing (but their miserable lives) to lose. These groups are supplied and supported by France (the USA and UK are involved too) to prevent any of the Francophone nations from achieving stability and to provide the ‘reason’ why French troops must be stationed on their national territory, mostly against the wishes of their populations. They are there to ensure that the ‘elected’ government (elections which France has manipulated to have only their preferred (chosen) candidates win) remain in place so that France can obtain the raw materials and commodities it wants at a fraction of their true market price. The labour required to extract and remit them to France is also paid at minimal level with the addition of French agents masquerading as advisors, NGO’s, NPO’s and charitable organisations helping the poor (why are they still poor?) ensuring the Trade Unions and low pay activists never succeed in changing the status quo.

The status of the colonies that France ‘owned’ in Africa was dependent on the following carefully clarified and ‘agreed’ legally signed and enforceable terms and conditions which have remained in place to this day. Jacques Chirac, France’s former President, said in 2008 that ‘without Africa, France, will slide down into the rank of a third [world] power”.

1. To benefit France’s colonization, the nation would pay Colonial Debt.

2. France automatically confiscated the nation’s National Reserves.

3. France reserved the Right of Refusal on any natural resource discovered in the nation.

4. Priority must be given to French companies regarding any public bidding and procurement.

5. France had the exclusive right to supply military equipment and train the nation’s military officers and leaders.

6. In order to defend its interests, France retained the right to intervene militarily and pre-deploy troops.

7. The nation was legally obliged to make French the official language of the nation.

8. The nation was obliged to use French colonial money, the FCFA.

9. The nation would submit its annual financial balance and reserve reports to France.

10. No military alliance could be entered into without France’s approval.

11. The nation was legally obliged to side with France during War or Crises of a global nature.

Mali has demanded that France withdraw its troops as has Niger. France has duly refused to do so with the full backing of the western ex-colonial powers and the USA ( the EU and UN are ready to join the bandwagon). The French obviously only understand the concept (enshrined in International Law) of sovreignty when it suits them to do so and in flagrant violation of all they, the EU and the global nations willingly signed and agreed to. The mask has not slipped but been fully removed from the lie that has been touted for decades and even more so for the last century of the benefits of embracing ‘Western Democracy’for the good of all the people of a nation. The constant local wars globally are a testament to the benefits of the western imposed ideal which benefits only them and not those who receive ‘democracy’. Niger has vast amounts of Uranium which France obtains at a very low cost and whose benefits do not even trickle down to the country’s people outside of the French backed elite in control. That is one of the reasons why Niger ousted the puppet President and told the French to leave. Niger has other resources and is also a key route for the Nigeria-Morocco Pipeline going to the Morocco and then carrying Gas for France (LPG) via the Maghreb Europe Gas Pipeline, an energy requirement that like Uranium would otherwise have to be purchased from Russia (an ‘enemy’ to the France of today under the control of the USA) at real market prices. The same pipeline passes through Burkina Faso and Mali. Mali is a very large producer of Gold but has none in its reserves for itself, all of it is instead in France ( and other countries). Did the French pay the full price current at the time of production and does that show as having been invested in Mali? The answer is not conclusive as some of it was invested in France and the corrupt puppet regime ‘elected’ in Mali and beholden to France. The rest is speculative as the official figures are not fully reliable. The French national reserves of Gold stand at 2437 tons while Mali’s Gold reserves stand at zero (though on Google you are told by many sources, some authoratative that they have 800,000 tons – below ground, yet to be extracted). The wealthiest individual in the history of the world was a Malian Prince, Musa1 (in 1324 he publicised this on a pilgramage to Mecca) but Mali has no treasure nationally or great store of wealth in sovereign funds today. How much of France’s Gold Reserves are really Mali’s if the true price current at the time was paid to Mali? It too wants the quasi government run by France in its country to leave alongside the French troops who should never have been there in the first place as their only role was to subjugate the population to accept the government and its apparatus imposed by France in order to ensure they retained control. Ex-colony, what ex-colony? The French like the UK ( and other ‘friendly’ western nations) cannot leave the wealth of Africa to be utilised for the benefit of the African nations without demanding and expecting the lion’s share of the spoils.

Into all of this, the French and the USA have thrown the issue of Russia and China’s progressive expansion among African nations in all spheres but especially those areas like armament supplies, military bases and academic/government institutions that would leave the ex-colonial powers without the reins for control. Those reins would devolve to the nation states and any body like the AU (African Union) they decide upon. The fact that there is greater parity in business with these non western partners has induced the nations of Africa to want to detach themselves from the western ex-colonial powers fully. Yes, Africa will do business but on terms agreeable to them, ones they both benefit from and have a full say in the outcome. France and the USA will have to accept that doing business and having control of the wealth of Africa is no longer a given but an ongoing relationship changing to one where the providers of the commodities and materials decide the terms and retain control of their national resources. That they will they graciously admit their time is over is not borne out by the news of Britain’s MI6 arranging Ukrainian mercenaries to be sent to Nigeria for use against Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso. This unbridled arrogant stand by the colonial powers, France in particular, proves they are far from ‘ex’ as they defiantly demand their ‘right’ to order sovereign nations to do their bidding. The year is 2023, not sometime in 1900.

If Africa starts to burn, it will be due to the rapacious greed and complete amorality of France and the Western Colonial Nations.

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