The Rise of The Moron

During these past months, we spoke extensively about the excesses of the western statesmen vis a vis the situation in Ukraine. We have been stunned by what we deemed first and foremost, total incompetence. But the situation has since worsened. With the recent admission by the ex Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel that the Minsk 2 agreements were nothing more than a delaying tactic that would eventually lead to a military beefed up Ukraine capable of standing up to Russian military might. This acceptance from Merkel who was during the period of the Minsk agreement, undoubtedly the most competent and influential statesperson in Europe, has wiped out what was left as trust in the leaders of the west. For those who follow the Ukrainian quagmire from at least the Orange Revolution of 2008, it came as no surprise that former Ukrainian President Poroshenko also remarked exactly the same thing a few months ago, stating that it had never been the intention of the Ukrainian ruling political elite to implement any single part of the text. None were astonished because the Ukrainian regime which took power in 2014 overthrowing the then democratically elected government, has constantly lied as well as committing atrocities against the Russian population of the Donbass and promulgating racist laws against the Russian population of Ukraine in general. The Russians and the world expected better from the west and its politicians but today for many, the final veil may have finally lifted off.

"...the European leaders deliberately lied to the country having the largest nuclear arsenal in the world...

The consequences of the words of Angela Merkel are terrifying in more than one aspect but what does it mean exactly for the political leaders of the non western world? More importantly what should be the evident conclusion of the European population? Angela Merkel is basically saying that the European leaders deliberately lied to the country having the largest nuclear arsenal in the world on an issue that this country deems existential for its survival. Stunning here is an understatement as it was not only the Russians who were lied to, but their own European population too. They also took for a ride the Ukrainian population which took to the polls to elect a popular comedian whose main campaign battle horse was peace talks and the prospect of peace with Russia. Understandably, the Kremlin hailed this absolutely weird geopolitical admission of guilt by a “I told you so!” moment, spinning the observations of Merkel throughout all possible press outlets and diplomatic venues. Quite astonishingly, one could imagine that any politician with some sense would have judged the recent move of Merkel an absolute blunder and we would have heard no more of this story. Angela Merkel doubled down in another interview not retracting her first comments but confirming them, maybe encouraged to do so by the remarkable non-reaction of MSM to her preliminary comments. (Merkel’s comments have stormed Russia, China and India etc. or should we say the normal world?). But more stunning news was to come, recently in an interview for the Kiev Post (One of the main mouth pieces of the Ukrainian regime), Francois Hollande the serving French President during the Minsk Agreements, basically confirmed what Merkel, Poroshenko and others have been saying. In a nutshell, all these European leaders admitted that the Minsk agreements were a con job aimed to fool the Russians and arm Ukraine. As the story goes, with Poroshenko it was a fluke, with Merkel a coincidence but with Hollande, it is definitively a plot.

The press and even the alternative press have not pointed sufficiently that Minsk 2 was enshrined in International Law when adopted by the Security Council of the United Nations and championed by these very same people who are telling us today that since the beginning, they were fooling the Russians and consequently their own population along with the whole planet.

"...and that Russia should have acted earlier,...

Now we can sit and debate the reasons that brought these western leaders to admit such a foolish act without being forced to do so. We can and should certainly be outraged by the attitude of MSM for not having properly covered these breaking news stories and more importantly, their total failure to draw the evident conclusions and expose them to the population. Historians of the future will also debate as to when exactly had the Kremlin became fully aware of the game Western Europe was playing with Minsk which could explain the extraordinary resilience of the Russian economy against the Sanctions War as well as the stunning Russian armament production output. Despite the fact that President Putin apologetically recently admitted that he tried for too long to find a peaceful solution through negotiations and that Russia should have acted earlier, all the measures that we see now being taken by the Russians to fight a long war and decisively defeat both Ukraine and NATO forces could not have been put in place if the Russians have been taken totally off guard.

Higher in the text we pointed out that the action of the western leaders has led the politicians and leaders of the rest of the world to draw obvious conclusions, but what exactly are they? The list is exhaustive but to summarize, you cannot trust the word of a western leader on matters of critical importance which de facto means on any matter. Worse, you cannot trust the signature of a western head of state on any official documents. If that was not sufficient enough, the admission of foul play by both Hollande and Merkel announces the long predicted death of the rule of International Law as we have the heads of nations having a permanent seat in the Security Council ratifying laws that they will deliberately violate. But we must not worry for at least the leaders of the ‘normal’ world as we pointed out rapidly and apparently conclusively, made decisions relative to these recent events. The real problem lies where it has always been, with the European population and those who trust blindly MSM.

There is a story about Nelson Mandela though one cannot really say if the events were apocryphal or wrongly attributed to the ex President of RSA but the lesson remains evident whether the story was true or not. During a radio program or a workshop, someone asked or rather made the remark that the African Population deserved the maniac, genocidal, tyrannical and dictatorial leaders that are endemic to the continent as the local population did nothing during decades if not centuries to get rid of them. To that curious statement Mandela replied “If that is so then Europe deserved leaders of the like of Mussolini or Hitler”. The answer is pertinent as what Mandela or whoever ushered these words meant was that the African population were and in some extent are still, in some cases powerless against the hegemony of their powerful leaders not because they did not attempt to free themselves from their tyrannical rulers but each time they tried to do so, they were frustrated by their former colonial powers or the United States which deemed themselves as having the rights to be the king makers. Looking at the past history of Europe, one could easily argue that Adolf Hitler was elected by a democratic process and then it can be said that the German population had an undeniable responsibility to the rise of Nazism and Hitler, even more aggravated by the fact that anyone who would have read ‘Mein Kampf” which was widely distributed in Germany, would have a clear idea of the murderous, genocidal and aggressive intentions of the demented dictator that was Hitler. Again undeniably a valid point but only one aspect of a much more broader answer which should encompass the humiliation of Versailles as well as the terrible conditions prevailing in the post World War 1 Germany. Furthermore we must keep in mind that most of the European population in the 1940’s relied on limited information where the government in the case of Nazi Germany, had total control of what was published in the country. But today in 2023 things are radically different so the one million dollar question is how come that the so called vaunted educated population living in a blessed ‘garden’ called Europe have been unable to prevent the rise of the morons that today are driving the old continent straight to the dustbin of history?

It is certainly a question that has bothered and still bogging down the main geopolitical analysts of alternative media. This new guard composed of people like Alexander Mercouris has constantly, post the Ukrainian crisis, during the heat of the crisis and all along the ongoing conflict, unabatedly analyzed hard facts and revealed what the truth really was. If this ‘new guard’ of geopolitical commentators and analysts definitively surpass in quality, professionalism and honesty anything that has been said on MSM concerning the war in Ukraine, they have failed to explain the apathy of the European population watching lethargically the final erosion of its freedom and the rule of International Law. In one of the many debates that the ‘new guard’ has online, Alexander Mercouris of the Duran explained that the banning on Russian media outlets in the early stage of the conflict drastically limited the ability of the Russians to effectively propagate their point of view, to which Brian Berletic of the New Atlas replied that the ban was recent and the precarious situation in Ukraine dated back for at least 8 years. Both men are of course right and their comments highlight how complex the problem is. For years, Russia has used RT and press organisations like Sputnik News as the spearhead of their information dissemination tool. In the space of almost two decades, RT has done a colossal work giving an alternative to the western narratives and in its wake also appeared other professional and high quality information outlets like Al Jazeera wishing to emulate the success of RT with clear international ambitions. Western viewers or for that matter viewers in other parts of the world, did not find migrating to RT too alienating as RT delivered comparable quality visual content and a high level of professionalism. In terms of investigative journalism, RT was going toe to toe with its western counterparts and in many ways the reliability of the information was superior. Moreover the European and American public could recognize and relate to professionals like Larry King and many others celebrities or other News Anchors of MSM who joined the adventure with RT. Of course both RT and Sputnik News had and still have a long way to go and their problems were multiple. Brian Berletic made another interesting remark during this live conversation arguing that if RT has done many excellent reports, there are some cases where RT repeated word for word news outlets like the BBC or CNN mainly in the case where RT had less grasp or interest in the published subject. The ‘New Guard’ also attempted to attribute the lethargy of the European population to more psychological reasons as in another program, Alexander Mercouris pointed out that Europeans are too used to being on the ‘right’ side. Others on social media attribute what for them is the incomprehensible attitude of the Europeans to cognitive dissonance which is the incapacity to accept empirical facts because it conflicts with one’s beliefs. Gonzalo Lira spoke about the Gell-Mann Amnesia effect coined by American author Michael Crichton (Andromeda Strain, Jurassic Park, The Sphere) which describes the process of forgetting how unreliable a source is in one area when you trust it in another area. Ultimately all these fighters of the digital age recognize the sheer size, influence and power of western MSM, a soft power that has been totally and effectively weaponized during the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. To summarize they all have a number of explanations which put together explain more or less the unconditional support of the European population for Ukraine. That is all well and good but none of these gentlemen during any of their programs offered any medicine to alleviate this strange western strain. What if there was none?

"... Where exactly is the tipping point? ...

What if Europe deserves its leaders? In the past year where Ukraine has dominated the international news, the Europeans have accepted an impressive amount of nonsense thrown at them. From digesting that Ukraine is a ‘Vibrant Democracy ‘ to assisting to their own politicians sabotaging the whole European economy by waging a self destructive sanctions war against the Russian Federation while discovering that their own key member state Germany was the victim of state sponsored terrorism perpetrated by undoubtedly another allied state when the Nord Stream pipeline was blown up. The Europeans have been humiliated in every possible way without provoking any notable counter reaction from their part. Where exactly is the tipping point? To what extent are the mendacious leaders of the European Union able to control and manipulate this population whose submissiveness knows no parallel in modern history? Alexander Mercouris spoke about a preeminent lawyer, a knowledgeable man, a public figure who despite being said to keep in touch with international matters who was not aware of the Minsk agreement or of critical facts concerning the Ukrainian conflict. Garland Nixon also speaks about a similar situation and one just has to read through the comments on social media to understand how much the western population is misinformed and ignorant of the true nature of the Ukrainian regime. Very often one can read,,,” I did not know about the Minsk agreements…I did not know that the actual Ukrainian Government was the legacy of a coup d’état…. I did not know that the United States organized this coup and decided the composition of the Ukrainian government….I did not know that the Ukrainian military has been murdering thousands of Ukrainians of Russian ethnicity and that this atrocious war started nine years ago….I did not know that the Ukrainians burnt innocent people alive who were trapped in a building in Odessa…. I did not know that the BBC, CNN, The Washington Post, The National Interest and a lot of publications of MSM had pre the Ukrainian War published numerous articles warning and denunciating the Neo Nazi influence in Ukraine…I did not know that Ukraine promulgated racist laws against its Russian population…. I did not know that Ukraine outlawed the Russian language which was widely spoken, as an official language. Sometimes this attitude of supposedly educated people is stunning because it is devoid of basic common sense….. I understand that the Russians did not blow up their own Nord Stream gas pipeline but I cannot figure out who could be the other suspects because MSM has not told me yet, or one of the best, The Russians are shelling the Zaparodhzia Nuclear power plant despite the fact that their military are physically present there, which is obviously a stupid attitude from the Russians but I believe they are doing so because MSM says that is the case.

We can go on for hours but at a moment one has to stop and concede that there must be a limit to stupidity and foolishness and that the Europeans cannot wave anymore the ‘I did not know’ excuse. Does the European population really need to be spoon-fed the information it receives, are all these mature men and women incapable of finding the truth by themselves while surfing on the internet? Is the European population incapable of critical thinking and basic analysis? How can we explain that the Europeans and the population of the United States and the UK have embraced so passionately the wave of Russophobia (which is a shadowy terminology used to cover blatant racism) promoted by their governments?

Maybe we must wake up to the fact that the majority of the Western population will never open their eyes to the crude reality unless cold and hunger take them to the streets but that is something that no decent human being wishes to happen. Unfortunately, this very extreme scenario where we could see people in Europe protesting for their basic needs could become very real in a not so far future.

The western population has to understand that as long they will appear moribund and spineless to their leaders, these will double down in their hysterical pursuit of destroying Russia and in doing so, stupidly strangulate the EU economy and impoverish their own population.


There is one interesting aspect of this war that should not be overlooked, during most of the recent conflict and even during World War Two for that matter, the United States and its allies went to great lengths to distinguish between the population and the leaders of the nation they were engaged against. In the course of the second world conflict, the allies leaders both political and military, constantly hammered the fact that they were fighting the Nazi regime and not the German population or that we want to oust Saddam Hussein and it is not a fight against the Iraqis as a people. Curiously, none of the US or Western leaders are saying that this time the fight is only against the Russian government and not the Russian people and the failure to do so has sent a clear message to all people of Russian origin that they were a legitimate target of the west. If the population of Europe does not wake up to the fact of the manipulation they are victim to, they will indeed deserve the Morons who are now leading them….it maybe already too late.

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