Why am I writing this? Why do I bother? It’s so obviously tediously mundane, we all experience it if not constantly, then hopefully at least some of the time. The state of where we are at is truely beyond belief. Really, are we so complacent having been bought for so little? Are all our ‘freedoms’ really over? What are we all harping on about? Were we just clinging to an illusion that was created for us (very sophisticatedly even with the b...s ups), that we bought into and which was in part a creation of our own particular wish fulfilment. The system is rotten. It is based on using force, or more often the threat of it, to extract the maxim profit with the least possible paid to those providing the labour, raw materials or goods and services. Our own Governments do it to us. Whether it’s the UK and impossibility of survival style living for the onwardly increasing 20+% of the population or the use of ‘lockdowns’ and other measures not to mention involving us in ‘foreign affairs’ that should not impact us negatively since we are not involved. We are constantly being made aware that all the Corporations and Governments in the West are autocratic wealth extractors. Very little is put back in and when it is, it is shabby, ill conceived and is privatised as soon as is possible (not decently). The infrastructures are crumbling and quality of life is diminishing even in the so called ‘Third World” which produces the majority of the raw labour (dirt bottom prices), materials (commodities)and services at vastly reduced prices with only the most minimal amount reaching the mass of the people. If we start to compare our lives to those of the East especially ( as well as Russia ), we find vibrant economies which are also strengthening the infrastructure and the security of life itself with the provision of basic essentials like food, water, energy (power); having far less social problems with homelessness, crime (in the west, the crime only affects the ‘ordinary’ people so not really necessary to sort it out) and the lack of adequate, affordably obtainable ( subsidised) medical facilities as well as quality education(not only aimed at turning out service industry/office fodder).

"... Things work, even at a pace slower than we expect ...

There is greater social cohesion in those nations in spite of all the usual grumblings about bureaucratic incompetence, corruption and slowness in solving problems. The people understand and for the most part adhere to the idea of social responsibility so that life is less stressful and scary. Things work, even at a pace slower than we expect (though as a species we are not noted for patience). When we individually or as a society commence doing something, it produces a result which approximates closely to what we had in mind to begin with. The system means the shops are full, the prices of goods and services are affordable, the people can obtain work, and life goes on. Up instantly comes the topic/issue of Censorship. The old chestnut. Sorry, if it comes as a surprise but you must know by now that Western Media is so bent and asinine that the news and the access to information and data in the non western world is in many cases far easier to obtain as there is less news/info/data which has been flavoured with the Governments, Corporations, Militaries or other agendists point of view so the info/data that is obtained is more often than not factual and verifiable independently. Usually presented quite boringly from the western point of view which observably has the attention span of a goldfish (apparently not true about goldfish) unless the information/data is jazzed up and presented ‘showman’ style. It must be fun or we won’t like small children, pay attention to it. We get easily distracted, bored and switch our attention if too much effort is required from us by the media we are focusing on. We are now accustomed to fairly instant gratification with the minimal input from us being necessary so that little effort is needed and we don’t get ‘tired’. Slowly but inexorably, we have been trained to ‘unthink’ so that any effort needed is instantly dismissed and replaced with more of the flashing lights syndrome.

We are far from addressing the problems that face us which start with a simple fundamental question which underlies all that gives us stress, fatigue, ill health and lack of reasonable contentment (happiness is realistically only attainable for periods always being tempered by ‘reality’). Is the system sound and based on a concrete structure which is well grounded? Does it have a short, medium and long term future? The short answer is no. It is not based on a competitive structure with a sound base but on manipulative practices including coercion and war so that the real cost of living is subsidised by the producers. From those whose national earth produces raw materials and foodstuffs and/or services and goods at very cost effective prices of production, the west has lived on pricing structures based on the constant availability of all these products and services (often with an overabundance enabled through manipulation to lower the price even further). This is no longer the case. In Europe, the old adage that things need to be paid for by money produced at ‘home’ by all methods (goods, services, financial instruements, expertise, innovation etc.) no longer suffices. The high rise in the cost of living globally ( bar a few nations)has led to a downgrading of the quality of life with many people in the Northern Hemisphere not knowing how to survive winter as the cost of heating, food, electricity and travel (fuel)have risen to the point where they cannot all be afforded. This is also not just for now but the foreseeable future so that confidence has dropped appreciably and a feeling of impending doom has overtaken swathes of western populations leading to rising social dislocation with increased homelessness, substance abuse and dependency, criminality and rising unemployment, ever widening the circle. Social cohesion in the west is crumbling with the only visible imagery of everyday life coming from shielded (by private security, gated areas) locations available on the mass media. This is far from the true picture with most major European, British and American cities now having complete areas which are more reminiscent of what we were told to regard as ‘3rd World’ poverty, slums and lack of responsible ‘democratic institutions’. South America and large parts of Africa and the Middle East suffer from this as well but in their case it has not grown very quickly over the last 5+ years but was a slow inexorable climb punctuated by periods of collapse and war usually instigated if not fought (enforced) by the west. However even in those countries, the population is reaching tipping point and they all suffer political instability so what passes for change is more common and more often in their timelines. The problem is that what appears to be positive change is more often no such thing but only more of the same tired old platitudes.

"...Words are used to disguise, not to illuminate......

It is becoming extremely difficult to have an open debate on this topic because it encompasses so many fields that have the usual ‘vested’ interests to protect. "As societies grow decadent, the language grows decadent, too. Words are used to disguise, not to illuminate..." - Gore Vidal. The problem that arises is the consequence of not taking hold of the thorn that is now the issue presenting foremost. How much more of the downward spiral will the population accept? To what degree will they live with a lower quality of life? How will they react? The awful conundrum we face is the impending breakdown of society as we know it when the true cost of life itself becomes inescapable (by that I mean the basics of running of running a society). The producers of the commodities now hold the goods under total control with enough power to contain and remove any threat, implicit or actual levied against it by both the west and its allies.

The price is up and will remain there and supply is no longer guaranteed as before. So scarcity will become and is already the norm for daily life as prices rise and disruptions in supply lines lead to shortages.

If the population of a nation go hungry, then violence becomes inevitable. There are versions of the saying that ‘from civilized to barbaric is only 7 meals away’ (The original, sorry but I am truely not sure which version it is). The truth of that though self evident is overlooked and the band rolls on. History is a litany of examples of revolution and civil disruption due to the lack of sustenance. But are we ready for what follows? Is it A, B, C or on and where exactly are we heading? I do not wish to experience dystopia but many places in the world live it daily from Ukraine, Yemen, Palestine, Mozambique etc: and it will arrive whether we like it or not. The oft quoted ‘domino effect’ is however unpalatable, totally true and the collapse of infrastructure and all the mayhem it engenders will lead us to the point of having to restore public order through either fear and force or (extremely unlikely) careful negotiation and rebuilding. I personally do not wish to feel the full effects of the clampdown or martial law. The repressed sadism disguised as legitimate “legal’ punishment (in reality retribution for real or imagined wrongs) will make the Nazis and others of their persuasion appear to be rank amateurs in comparison because we have perfected the art of extreme inhumanity to a near perfect level over the past centuries and technology and scientific reasoning allow us to plumb even greater depths of depravity.

"...The time has come to stop passing the buck...

Where then do we turn? That implies someone providing the answer. But the answers provided have only led to more of the same though always disguised in a new set of visuals and accompanying rhetoric. The time has come to stop passing the buck (we have been trained/dumbed down to think this is the norm and someone else is not only responsible but another will solve the ‘problem’) and accept that unless we take a stand and add our voices, the lowering of all we hold dear will continue with the majority of the global population ending up not only with nothing but fighting fiercely (much more than now) to survive. This is of course a recipe for disaster for all of us. Inevitably it will lead to a cracking down to maintain public order but where will that end? Government’s worldwide learned a dangerous lesson from the pandemic lockdowns. They could easily control the population in their respective nations and that lead them to start to implement Digital Identity Cards, Chipping (of the person), phasing out Cash and replacing it with Digital Currency (so every transaction is recorded and can be monitored). Up come the “Oh it’s a conspiracy theory” naysayers, but sorry to disappoint them but it’s happening right now in countries like the USA, the UK, Australia, etc. I personally do not want to live like that and I doubt if most people do either. But unless we add our voices to those who are shouting for change and not any old change but real, tangible change, we are allowing ourselves to bring to life all our nightmares and fears because we will soon be living them.

[Not Einstein’s Relativity.]
Let’s steal but legalise it,
Gender is fluid and many,
Excess is catered to,
Fascism is cool,
War is a good solution,
To laugh, exchange information,
We can survive.

Oh of course,
Everything’s relative,
So bad is cool,
And good is bad.
I’m a little confused,
My thoughts must be wrong,
According to you.

Please ask me,
Or others (many of them),
Before you decide my outcome.

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