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The system is rotten. It is based on using force, or more often the threat of it, to extract the maxim profi twith the least possible paid to those...”

Steven Martin
Racism Who Is Guilty

The subject of racism is one which for too long has been subject to political correctness and the stigma of don’t mention the elephant in the room

The International Outsider
Who Owns The World?

There is great confusion globally among the world’s population as to what is owned by whom. There are the ‘Who Owns the World’ type...”

Steven Martin
Who To Listen To?

It is undeniable that the normal law abiding citizen powered with what society call a decent education and half a working brain cell......

Anton Komarov
The Outsiders Part 5

Those subsisting on the street have to contend without having Legal Paperwork in most cases. This article details the lengths they have to go to in order to gain them.

Steven Martin
October's Editorial

... Our very survival depends in large part on our ability to not only adapt our environment to suit ourselves but our ability to adapt to it and the many facets of...

The International Outsider
Can We Call ourselves Humanist?

With the way the current political and social arena is unfolding, do we still have the right to regard ourselves...

Steven Martin
The Current Outlook For Many

The current outlook for many European countries looks utterly abysmal as of September...

Sasha V
Truckers For Freedom

The real story behind the Truckers in Canada who stood up for their rights to decide for themselves against an authoritharian government.

Sasha V
Women In Space Matter

The unsung, untold and hidden work of women throughout the centuries laid some of the foundations of the modern version of space exploration

Anton Komarov
The Footfall of Dissolution.

We know that the words attributed to statesmen like Presidents Putin or Biden are often not their own but those agreed upon after endless meetings and discussions by the politicians, military, and the ‘accepted’ experts.

International Outsider
The Astronomy Toolbar of Astroverbot Julia...

By introducing people to Astronomy, we opened their understanding of the Earth and its issues as well as its place in the Cosmos. Access to information in Africa is difficult so a Toolbar with 400+ links to Astronomy makes it easy for everyone.

Astroverbot julia
Afghanistan Origins of The Mess

Mohammed Zahir Shah, the last king of Afghanistan, was a popular leader reigning from 1933 to his exile in July 1973 when his cousin Mohammed Daoud Khan

Sasha V
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