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Ukraine Special Edition

Ukraine, The Narrative And Even Arnold Schwarzenegger....Confusing the matter is an art when seated at the table of the intellectuals. It should be an inconceivable undertaking with millions of smart phones,...

Anton Komarov
Not Such a novel virus.

The unexpurgated data behind the conclusion that what we are all undergoing in relation to the effects of the pandemic is not quite what it seems. Dr Reiner Fuellmich, a leading lawyer and member of the German...

Sasha V
Unconvinced heart is broken. I see the unfolding of the worst nightmare and I am powerless when I see the dissolution of families and neighbours, one against each other. Recently I received some DM’s (Direct Messaging) more and more insistent to know my position regarding Covid.

Astroverbot Julia
Death of Free Speech

Have we the right to freely communicate in this age of fake news, manipulation of the media and the erosion of basic human rights for the sake of the 'greater good'.The right to practise free speech has always been under attack across the world since the time it was first recognised...

Sasha V
More Damned Lies

Since the onset of the crisis in Ukraine, the media in Western nations alongside its Social Media platforms have consistently disseminated a completely false narrative regarding it.

Stanad Makobo
The Ousiders Part 4

For those living on the streets charities and NGO's/NPO's are a lifeline but in many cases, there is a sting in the tail. This is both demeaning and humiliating.

Steven Martin
Cooperation In Space

Those who remember the Cold War and intense distrust extending beyond politics and finances will recall the historic handshake of Astronaut Stafford with Cosmonaut Leonov during the Apollo/Soyuz Mission (July 17, 1975. Apollo-Soyuz Test Project (ASTP))

International Outsider
The Lockerbie Tragedy...

Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie was an attack conducted on UK sovereign soil, yet many people were not happy with the initial investigation. Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi was found guilty of the Lockerbie bombing. Magrahi’s family appealed to the Scottish court in 2020;..

The Dissidence In The Western Press

Let’s be clear that today, freedom of speech is facing the worst crisis since its global acceptance as an empirical ethical rule in the west.....

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