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The State We Are In.

This insane pace at which life is now lived has with the advent of Corona brought sharply into focus a large number of highly relevant issues, some of which pertain to the way we allocate funding and what we regard as freedom.

Steven Martin
Alba Here To Stay.

In our last issue, we wrote about the launch of ALBA party led by Alex Salmond, the former First Minister of Scotland. The party is pro-independence and was created to help bolster the options for independence supporters and in doing that...

Sasha V
Outsiders PT 3 Section2

This section is a continuation of Part 3, Section 1 and is written by 2 of our journalists with additional information and insights provided by other members of the International Outsider into the excesses and often criminal behavior of the Intelligence Service and the Police. As well as those living on the streets while commiting fraud.

Steven Martin
Mysterious Dwarf Planets

Dwarf Planets are a class apart in the eclectic Gas, Rock or Ice bestiary which constitutes the populace of our Solar System. Their classification is subject of hot debate and is not the subject of this article.They are smaller than the eight main planetary bodies of the solar system but size is not the...

Anton Komarov
The 5000 & 1 Tweets

Astroverbot Julia & Sasha V makes a rapid review of some of our Tweets and show case how we interact with various people on Social Media. This strategy has enable us to interact with people on Social media and more importantly pinpoint future collaborators and writers...

Astroverbot Julia

How have we let the world change for the worse to that extent? Because it does not matter whether you agree to put a mask on your face or not, it has nothing to do with believing in the wisdom of injecting an experimental concoction into your body. No. Covid has just revealed the excesses...

Anton Komarov
Our Lost Cousins

Human beings are an orphan race. Even with all the populations present on the globe, the genetic diversity is minimal but it hasn’t always been like this.Not very long ago, different species of human beings shared this planet together. Some of them could have made it to modern times. It is interesting to think that if they were here with us, would,..

Anton Komarov
Is Virtual The New real?

The idea of what we perceive to be real and what comprises our existence has been cogitated interminably throughout recorded history and most likely at some point, before. Today’s world has a few fundamental differences from the past which blur the lines to the point where it becomes impossible for the layman to confidently state he is sure of his facts.

Steven Martin
The Forgotten Pathfinders

The thrill of the unknown with early deep space probes which have been overlooked and forgotten. Their pioneering exploits laid the trail for those who followed.

Anton Komarov
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