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Crewed Space Exploration

The New Space race. To Whom Should We Listen?...Starting his long nomadic journey, Homo sapiens used the simplest mode of locomotion, his two feet, then he ventured into the unknown with the help of his domesticated animals. With time and geographical challenges, he had to invent new modes of transport from wooden galleons,...

Anton Komarov
Scotland Politics Alba New Political Party

The former first minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond, made a public announcement on 26 March, 2021 of the launch of Alba Party, a new pro-independence party in Scotland. This came almost immediately after a Holyrood committee inquiry into Nicola Sturgeon found that she misled the Scottish parliament about what happened in the run up...

Sasha V
Tragedy In The Donbass

The continuing impasse in the Donbass has left the population mired in a never ceasing war of attrition which claimed the life of a respected and human journalist among many others. We republish our article dedicated to Katya as in these critical days we remember all she did and fought for. Today victory is more of a clear vision than when she passed away.

The Team
Are Institutions (Like the UN) Still Relevant?

In today's world, many of the institutions we grew up with and which formed a large number of the conceptions and views we hold about all matters in life, have become moribund and seemingly purposeless as we perceive them to be ineffectual at best.This is due to a number of often conflicting reasons, most of which then result in excessive

Steven Martin
The Enormity of Food Wastage: What To Do?

The UNEP’s first food index report published in March 20211 estimates that some 931 million tonnes of food are wasted annually and 17% of that is food available to consumers from shops, restaurants, as well in the home. Furthermore, it is estimated that around 570 tonnes of waste is at the household level. Thus, household waste represents around 61%.

sasha V
Covid Debacle of Human Rights

What is Social Fabric and how is it translated into what we euphemistically call everyday/normal life? The definition given by Wikipedia includes “The organization and definition of groups within a social system depend on various shared properties such as location, socioeconomic status, race, religion, societal function or other...

Steven Martin
Outsider 3 part 1

One of the most constant and intrusive aspects in the incessant scrambling on the food chain, which is life on the street for those who live there, are the representatives of the forces of law and order and all the administrational sectors that a government uses to obtain information, solve criminal acts and keep the ‘system’ in place.

Steven Martin
Pluto Disruptive Planet

,...An impassionate observer would find it difficult to decide between both positions and to make things worse, it is a story where all the protagonists are intensely passionate in their subject/field of study, a passion which goes well beyond professional interest. This article has no pretention to give a clear cut answer...

With Laurel Kornfeld
Angels of The Donbass

the innocent children in Donbass who have lived under the hell of shelling, sniping, and mine explosions for 8 years, for the many sweet, innocent angels who were murdered by Ukrainian forces,...

Sasha V
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