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Pact Ribbentrop Molotov Who Is Telling the Truth?

In one of the most controversial moves made during the Second World War conflict(WW2)on 19 August 1939, the Soviet Union’s of Joseph Stalin signed the famous Ribbentrop Molotov Pact shocking the world and sending negative signs to communist organizations globally,...

Anton Komarov
The Consequences of Barbarism

Since the now ongoing crisis in Ukraine exploded after the Orange Revolution in 2004 and the follow up 10 years later of the Maidan Coup in2014, a minimum of 14,000 people have been slaughtered by those acting on behalf and with the express permission of the Ukrainian Government in Kiev.

Steven Martin
The Outsiders Part 2

The incredible events that occurred in the daily lives of many of the ‘street people’ were often overshadowed by what we personally experienced side by side with the steady flow of ‘normal’ lives. They accepted us (often initially grudgingly) in their social and commercial lives

Steven Martin
Afghanistan Origins of The Mess

Mohammed Zahir Shah, the last king of Afghanistan, was a popular leader reigning from 1933 to his exile in July 1973 when his cousin Mohammed Daoud Khan staged a surprise (bloodless) coup. Khan then proclaimed himself....

Sasha V
Do We Have To Fear AI

...iconic movies like Terminator or the unique 2001 A Space Odyssey of Stanley Kubrick based on a short story of the giant Arthur C Clarke (The Sentinel) have all painted the dark and cumalative inanity around the advent of a whole powerful omniscient AI. But is it a real danger?

Anton Komarov
You Are What You Read

The problem was that the intervening years had certainly changed so much and not in the usual fashion that mankind has grown to know. As opposed to the usual wars, famines, pestilence et al, which to be completely honest though cited as global or world encompassing,..

Steven Martin
South African Nukes

There is little unknown information or new data on the South African Military Nuclear program. However, the story of the inception of this program is still fascinating because it remains rare among other similar military ventures around the world. Apart from the publicly declared nuclear powers India, France, the United States, Pakistan, Russia, and China (and not forgetting the semi-declared power of Israel and the state of North Korea),

Anton Komarov

We decided to republish some of the Articles we wrote on a period of 10 yrs in our new publication the International Outsider, others we keep handy as references as they tend to periodically become relevant. In that sense we certainly are not Newcommers on the Scene. If 'The International Outsider' is the finished product,the one the public sees. But there is more to it, much more. When we defend human rights...

The Team
The Outsiders Part 1

For almost a decade, the staff of The International Outsider have by means of undercover work been able to gain full access (more than the authorities), to the people of South Africa who live on the street,...

Steven Martin
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