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Eurocentrism Demise or the Retirement of American Influence.

Meaning what exactly? The global village we all live in is a hodge podge of cultural influences each vying for prime place so that they can influence the outcome of any matter in their favour. Essentially we are all competing for our slice of the cake.

Steven martin
Assange. Martyr of Modern Times

To what degree does the State masquerading under the banner of the Law and more often nowadays under that of International Law, have the right to hound a man who has never been found Guilty of a Crime. The charges may have been laid and purported evidence gathered...

Anton Komarov
Incarceration or Freedom of Expression

The term is clearer than imprisonment .It embodies the removal from society of an individual for reasons that though are stated as legal often do not appear to be so. The very act of removal (sending down legally) forces the detainee to close down dramatically and adapt to an environment where...

Steven Martin
The Fascination About The Matrix

How to write something not already written, discussed, spoken and definitely dissected. This film by the Warshinski Brothers (now Sisters) has since the first release stimulated every aspect of inter human communication whatever medium is used to facilitate this. For this fact alone, they are to be congratulated

Anton Komarov
Can Conflict Riven Nations Progress To Normality?

The recent death of a friend's friend has opened up a can of worms that the establishment would prefer remains closed. It is understandable why they take this attitude given its effect on the economy and the fragile state of what we euphemistically call 'civil society'.

Steven Martin
Writing or the Sum of Everything

A serious article. Sounds a wee bit on the pretentious side, much like saying someone is very 'deep'. The problem is how do you write so as to ask questions, debate, answer coherently and reach justifiable conclusions that are not opinion only but are backed by hard quantifiable and independently verifiable facts.

Steven Martin
Scotland & Independence, Where To Now?

Scotland is part of Great Britain or The United Kingdom, formed by the Treaty of Union on 06/01/1707 when a low turnout in Scotland's Parliament meant that the Pro Union Scottish MP's therefore in the majority that day, voted in favour of Scotland losing her hard won Independence. The English Government had already carefully manipulated the Scottish MP's...

Steven Martin
Daniel Prophet of the Bush.

The strip of land running along the sides of the railway track which wends its way between Kempton Park and Tembisa (both it and the line go further in both directions) is the setting for this tale. Its depth varies from minimal to large distances interspersed with bush, trees and habitation. There is wildlife from birds, the usual rodents and some difficult interlopers. These...

The Team
In Memorium of President Melksak

South Africa is the country of excellence for stereotypical attitudes. In fact they are so ingrained that they have become part of daily life. A good example is the fact that many people judge you by the shoes you wear,...

Anton Komarov
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