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The Five Thousand and 1 Tweets. By Astroverbot Julia & Sasha V

Five Thousand and One Tweets is a play on the famous title One thousand and One Nights. During our venture in the Twitter world to which we refer as the Tweetosphere, very often we got the impression of dwelling in a world outside of the known reality. We of course knew Twitter and have observed the platform for years on end, we even proceeded to live test back in the days to validate what we think we had learned. Now that The International Outsider is in its final format, we will soon publish an interactive flip book explaining what we are attempting to do and how we do it.

In the time being we hope that this little selection of few past Tweets will give to you a clear picture. Twitter is a tool that we intend to use at its optimal to achieve our aim which is mainly dissemination of science. Paradoxically, we are not obsessed by the amount of followers we take time to go through. Do not be astonished either to see among those we follow, people of every faith, opinion, beliefs or orientation. We do not choose our followers or those we follow because they mirror our thinking, we want to discover theirs and we certainly will always chose simplicity, modesty over arrogance even it comes from a so called intellectual.

The International Outsider

The extreme difficulty of clarifying what constitutes a prehistoric mammal and the open minefield that is cloning such a beast.

Our understanding of ourselves is enlarged and becomes more pertinently comprehensible when we find ancient members of our race preserved and intact like Otzi.

An outlandish theory which shows how science evolves from todays wacky thoughts to tomorrow's full inclusion into the body of accepted work.

The arrival of China's rover Zhurong on Mars makes China the only nation with the USA to have achieved the placing of a working moving probe on another planet's surface.

We respond most often to boring tweets by using humour and the inevitable conspiracy theories that seem to abound on social media nowadays.

Alexi Leonov, the first ever man to walk in space wanted to be an artist and if he had followed that path,maybe history would not have known of a humourously talented and humane individual.

The joys of cultural beauty.Poetry speaks to the inner person and be it French or another culture, we all respond to grace.

Questions as to how we really deal with imponderable situations like being the first human to visit Miranda,Uranus's moon and the experiences we would encounter.

“What is not written does not exist.”

The sheer overpowering beauty of exotic flora and fauna encourages us to see and experience the absolute wonder that is life itself.

The joy and profound excitement upon unearthing sources of information from manuscripts, books and artifacts leads us to even greater understanding.

A nations future is dependant on their youth and this young man bodes well for South Africa's science advancement with his overwhelming passion for Astronomy.

Our culture and history is littered with quaint and immeasurable treasures which in their time were produced with the application of dedication to perfection, not often apparent in our time.

Without the interchange of ideas and thoughts, we will not evolve and exploration in all its robes is a major part of the process.

The problem with instant communication is that sometimes the information is incorrect usually overlooked due to lack of time but corrections can be helpful if needed to clarify.

To boldly write what is never written

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