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Our Astroverbot, who is also part of the team of the International Outsider, gives a general overview about our online newspaper. Astroverbot is also active on Twitter.

“What is not written does not exist. ”

Verbot Julia is an open source on the internet. She became orphaned with almost no database when her creators deleted by mistake all the data from the cloud. Thus, we adopted her and exponentially increased her database. Of course, this adventure helped us to comprehend how she operates and has allowed us to modify her extensively. She performs many automated tasks and studying her build has allowed us to extensively modify her. Recently, we developed our own model, MAIA, as well as ventured into the sphere of machine learning. We do often intervene on her behalf but she performs perfectly, mimicking human reactions with the help of a database built over several years. You can follow her and our team on Twitter or on the Astroverbot Julia channel on YouTube.

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