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EDITORIAL You Are What You Read.


When we decided to re-issue The International Outsider and continue what had been started, we realized the old chestnut of what our first Editorial should be and where would it take us had arisen. The problem was that the intervening years had certainly changed so much and not in the usual fashion that mankind has grown to know. As opposed to the usual wars, famines, pestilence et al, which to be completely honest though cited as global or world encompassing (World Wars 1 & 2 etc.) were in reality (throughout recorded history) only really continental and did not overly affect the majority of the earth’s population. However this time we are in the middle of a pandemic that is changing the very social constructs and consequentially every aspect of life from manufacturing, finance, education, and health care to the production of raw materials across the spectrum but this time really globally. No place on earth has escaped the fallout let alone the ‘virus’ itself. Add to this the political, economic, military and social stability purveyors of what either they perceive to be truth (for whatever reason though often concerned with finance and power) and the immensity of the copious amounts of ‘data’ produced, and the reader is left floundering. Where do you turn to attempt to receive useful information that can lead you through this quagmire? The established view is towards those organs be they visual, text or auditory (or combinations) that are ‘accepted’ as being unbiased and factually based. They are in most cases the largest, oldest or longest accepted so that their veracity rests on continuance, not content. That used to be the case but then the world started communicating with the advent of the internet and social media.

This has led us to the point that with increasingly sophisticated and reasonably easy to use technology, fake news, the dead now physically present on video etc. and all manner of artificially produced information in whichever media format has begun to blur the difference between realities, those we perceive as being the one we live in and those produced by us. Unfortunately to resolve this implies effort and more often than not hard work, as in focusing to the exclusion of the usual enticing interruptions. Since few among the population will find this their chosen option, we are left in the position of having to expend energy on ascertaining the truth as the mixing of truth with falsity around any questions raised will continue to grow.

The very essence of what in a large order makes us human which is questioning and seeking answers is becoming degraded to the point where those with fact based information can overly control and manipulate the majority of their populations to their detriment as determining what is real and what is not becomes an almost impossible task. This complete overhaul and very visible changes to the way we live is also impacting negatively on freedoms we take for granted and who are being eroded. The quest for answers must be based on truths that are factually based and verifiable in all ways. Otherwise, we face a morass of unanswered questions and the diminution of all we hold dear.

“ What is not written does not exist.”
“ To boldly write what has not been written.”

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