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J'Accuse 2021 Copyright Material


We accuse you of living without soul,

We accuse you of tearing hope into particles and blasting them to oblivion

We deliderately accuse you Like the Poet 'J'Accuse',

We accuse you of not listening to the voice that screams to your humanity

We accuse you of thinking that it is not to you that we address

We accuse you of the silent murderous complicity of thought with your slave masters

We accuse you of forgetting Dreyfus

We accuse you of being the artisan responsible for the extinction of his voice

We accuse you of belittling his voice now

We accuse you of hypocritically planning to elevate him once he will be a faded memory

We accuse you of doing exactly the same you did to the others

We accuse you students of not having grasped the despair felt by Giordano in martyrdom in your textbooks instead only salivating on the romance today

We accuse you to be the first one to knock at the door for salvation

We accuse you of planning to adopt this voice of wisdom when you will be talking to your grandchildren and say I was here. Yes you were, lamenting for the new brand shoes or the new smart phone

We accuse your children of being of being Castaneda's' Phantoms, going through the motions without perception

We accuse you if belonging to those past troubled eras to condemn by your silence, the man they took to Golgotha

We accuse you not to live by that which you hypocritically profess

We accuse! We accuse! We accuse!


Anton Komarov, Steven Martin, Sasha V, Adriaan Botha, Astroverbot Julia

“What is not written does not exist. ”

On January 3, 1898, novelist Emile Zola shook the establishment of France, one of the superpowers of that past era when he wrote his colossal J’Accuse in defense of the unjustly accused and incarcerated Captain Dreyfus. Zola lived in a world where communication was slow, education was not accessible to all, and more than courage was needed to challenge the elite. In today’s world we cannot write J’Accuse anymore simply because we no longer have the pretext of no access to communications or news, or to pretend that we have not had basic instruction or in rare cases even education.

How have we let the world change for the worse to that extent? Because it does not matter whether you agree to put a mask on your face or not, it has nothing to do with believing in the wisdom of injecting an experimental concoction into your body. No. Covid has just revealed the excesses of those in positions of power

In this world, we seem to accept that journalists can be imprisoned and treated like the worst criminals -- not in dictatorships -- but in the United Kingdom. We are required to deny what make us human to supposedly keep us ‘safe’. If you do not do as the masses do, you are accused of being selfish. You are simply selfish! We decided to accuse those responsible for this situation. You probably wrongly guess, but we are not accusing any billionaires philanthropists, government organizations, politicians, or religion. We are accusing you who sat down and let them believe they can carry out these atrocities on a whole planet. Yes, you, me we are all responsible…

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