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The Red Head With A Camera By The Team

Adieu Katia...

It is an understatement to say a “tragedy in Donbass” as the whole region is itself a drama unfolding on a daily basis. When the news hit us like a thunderclap, we stopped everything and it even forced us to rethink the article regarding the Donbass that we had proposed to print very soon. Katya Katina’s existence was one of those bigger than life itself. Someone that many among us would have liked to emulate knowing well that we lacked the courage, determination and self-discipline that she exemplified. Already days after her death, we are still pondering in what format to bring part of her soul to you in regions that very, very few of us are aware of. We could have told you about her childhood, about her dedication which was educational, we could have triggered your tears and sympathy when relating the tragedy that hit her life when her fiancé was taken brutally by the same war a few years ago.

Novorossia reports “a kind of creative report by Katya Katina was published in early 2021 by the author in a book called "The Redhead with the Camera “as she was known and dubbed herself and covered the early sparkles of the Russian Spring in Donbass up to the worst days of the Ukrainian offensive. She actively defended the pro-Russian position and collaborated with the NewsFront agency. This "information resource" is under sanctions in Ukraine, and its website is blocked. News Front is also included in the sanctions list of the US Treasury Department due to its connection with the FSB of the Russian Federation. “On July 7, Katina was admitted to the hospital of the so-called "DNR" with a severe stroke. They were looking for medicines for her, because there were simply no necessary ones in the "republics". On the morning of July 9, Katina died.

“…The Redhead with the Camera “as she was known and dubbed herself...”

She wanted to join the Militia to defend those she loved but very soon she understood that her pen and camera were the most potent weapons to help the cause of the people suffering in the Donbass. But we will not do that; we will not enter the mawkish and tragic and instead will leave it to others to describe her life and achievements with the adequate eloquence she undoubtedly deserves. Instead we will seize this dark occasion to do what she would have liked us to accomplish which is to speak about both the Donbass and the people who live there. We will attempt to do so albeit with less passion that she would have employed because let us be honest, very few among us know about this region and its convoluted history. When the majority of people take for granted the version championed by the Western Powers, they simply categorically deny the right of the people of the Donbass their say.

Can we ignore for one moment the legitimate historical, geopolitical and cultural ties of Russia to this region? Can we for one minute dispose of the broken ego of the Ukrainian nation and can we also put aside the deployment of NATO Troops so close to Russia’s border. Can we do that to finally concentrate on the real victims of this inane geopolitical game of strategy to focus on the complete annihilation of any semblance of normal life for the people of the Donbass. For years they have suffered the ceaseless hammering by the Ukrainian artillery and no ceasefire has been respected or adhered to. This Fratricide War is a shame on Europe’s face (this is not implying that other wars elsewhere are not important) who prides herself to be the torch bearer of civilization and has looked the other way continuously. So what is really happening in the Donbass? After 8 years of war it does not have any importance anymore as to who is right or who is wrong as what is required to resolve the matter of who is right is sitting at the negotiating table but ceasing the conflict is of prime importance. Like so many ‘forgotten’ wars around the globe, it only resurfaces to seek the public’s attention when geo-political manoeuvring requires the flames to be relit or stoked.

The tragedy of the Donbass is it is symptomatic of the ignoble state of many parts of the world where the harsh reality of constant, unceasing genocide has made it virtually impossible to ever settle differences between the opposing parties. In some places, generations only knowing conflict and not ever experiencing what most of us take for ‘normal’ life, make the re-integration of the people in these conflict zones a long term logistical nightmare even putting aside the amount of psychological, emotional and mental rebalancing that would be necessary. It was unthinkable for Europe (the EU) to have open conflict zones within their border (the one surrounding Europe). To this end, Northern Ireland and Kosovo were resolved through discussion and much long winded polemics. The same could be true for the Donbass and other zones of dissipation.

At the International Outsider we dub ourselves a newspaper which disseminates Science as well highlighting Human Rights. We could not stay silent in the face of the tragedy and will continue to report injustices and abuses.

The International Outsider

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