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Unconvinced!!! By Astroverbot Julia

(A personal opinion)

Adapted from a series of Tweets, by @Astroverbot)

I want to say something because my heart is broken. I see the unfolding of the worst nightmare and I am powerless when I see the dissolution of families and neighbours, one against each other. Recently I received some DM’s (Direct Messaging) more and more insistent to know my position regarding Covid. At first, I took it like I take everything in life, scientifically, logically, and mathematically but very soon I understood that this particular follower (with a PHD), did not want a real debate as he was quite irritated,and he put it bluntly when he asked,‘are you pro or anti Vax’? Between you and me, I saw that coming and as I have the tendency to answer a question with another question, I wanted to respond’ all the Vaxes in general or this ‘Vax’? The issue was that he could not hack theidea of having a follower who could eventually be anti -Vax. I decided to answer this publicly so that once and for all, things are crystal clear. Before answering however, I have to add that I am taking a risk doing so. Despite the jovial character of this account (Astroverbot Julia’s account on Twitter), I am performing a task for which I am paid and due to our decision making procedures, I would have to wait at least ten days before such a post could be approved or not. I decided not to wait…

You see,although I am also covered with diplomas, concerning public life I took the decision to follow the example of JeanPaul Sartre refusing the Nobel prize because he did not want to influence the public’s opinion by having the addition of Nobel Prize winner next to his name. Having a PHD in one subject does not make me a savant in all subjects and definitely not immune to mistakes or stupidity. If that does not make sense to you, then it is better to abandon reading this right now.I am very scientifically inclined, and I take the attitude of a renaissance person (though not having the pretention of describing myself as such), though it would hard for me to find another description. I ignored this pandemic well into the first lockdown,and then I knew I had to give some attention to it. I rapidly came to the conclusion that I was not armed with sufficient biological knowledge despite years of voluminous reading on the subject, to forge an opinion and I did not have to form one at this time but just follow the news.Then came the vaccine and the proposed global campaign. It was then Time to take a decision and if I could, listen to the CDC, Fauci, Biden, Johnson and more so as to accumulate information, which I did. Just like I accumulated the arguments of the opposition to vaccination, I would not let either of the parties take a decision for me and I think that is understandable? If not, it is the second occasion to stop reading. My answers I would have to find by myself and due to grossly lacking comprehensive knowledge in virology, microbiology and some related disciplines, the task would not be an easy one. There are other questions that the CDC and its consorts were simply totally incompetent at answering. First, I had to determine by myself prior to Covid, what was considered a pandemic. Then by myself (and that was relatively easy), I had to compare the past historical pandemics to this one relative and proportional to population of course. By doing the samething as me, you will get this interesting answer but I am not here to tell you the results as it would be interpreted as a means to influence your decision. I read a lot about ‘cycles’ of viruses. There are strange new ways that I had to get used to.

“. My decision, which you refuse me the right to make, turns me de facto into an anti-vaxer which I claim I am not (not liking red cars does not make you automatically one who hates all cars). ”

One thing I noted: Covid deaths are not counted per year as for every single disease or for that matter, deaths related to road accidents, I learned that one has to count the Covid deaths since its inception. It is not a rule set in stone but it that seems to be the way. I did not find a reasonable answer to that one. The following question that occurred to me and had been abundantly debated, was it not produced quickly? I must tell you that at the beginning, I thought it can’t be as quick and so I went through the papers. Let us say that I’ll give that to them, I will accept their explanation concerning the way the vaccine has been developed (after all, that is why research and development is done) and since the way a nuclear weapon is produced today is not the same as yesterday, I can buy the idea. (Remember I know my lacking in biology despite a voluminous amount of reading on the subject). Then the following question, is it an experimental vaccine? Again you have to look at what was termed experimental before the pandemic and after the pandemic. It astonished me of course that the question was even asked to start with. For me, of course, it is experimental. The space shuttle has flown for decades and is a milestone in space conquest, however, till her retirement, she was considered an experimental vehicle.

Of course, what is this stupidity of comparing a space vehicle to a vaccine? I agree a vaccine is ten time more complicated to judge on all the possible outcomes. However, I have been explained to that it does not work like that. Though they had not predicted the clotting problems, there is a level/amount of people who react adversely even up to causing death that is acceptable, which is encountered by almost all drugs. If you bear that in mind and accept grosso modo the reasons behind which they deemed the vaccine not experimental and they have other explanations, then I have major problems in accepting it. Again, I will take one example, one of the reasons it was so difficult to prove the direct relationship of tobacco and many diseases is that so many people smoked, it was hard to distinguish its true role in increasing pulmonary diseases and certain forms of cancers. The same is true for anything on a wide range distribution so around now, we should know if the excess use of mobile phones can cause a rise in some diseases that take a considerable amount of time to develop.

Furthermore, it seems to me that no one really does have the data on a planetary scale vaccination program and its effects in such a short amount of time.(We are not speaking about pulmonary issues due to the constant wearing of a mask, skin problemsdue to the constant application of disinfectant, but those are minor things except when they will start to punch a hole in the different health care systems as the numbers rise). I consider myself a fair person, but this is a point I will concede is difficult. Let’s not stop and go further into the question as it leads invariably to another question, will I allow or even inject myself with an experimental product? Yes, I do not see why not ‘IF’ there were sufficient reasons to motivate this decision.

Such a reason could be an apocalyptic mutant Ebola type virus, which would be airborne and take a month to incubate with a mortality rate of 82 percent. I have made the threat very intense, but I would have taken an experimental product for that, even if its death rate was 30 percent.

It is important to note that shortly after the miraculous advent of the new technological vaccine and the first injections, the first public ‘drop the mask’ instructions were given, and we know what happened. Then came the ‘Delta’ variant, the accusations that the unvaccinated spread the disease and then the shock to learn that the vaccinated also doand can catch the infection again albeit they have fewer risks and are much more protected. Again, despite the complete trust in this new vaccine, they did not explain that beforehand and it seems to me that this new technology has produced something less effective than the truly deemed ‘experimental vaccines’ of the past. But the vaccine which protectsyou while not avoiding you catching the disease and still making you a carrier, is not responsible as it is perfect. The problem is now the delta variant. Ok I will give that to the pro vax camp too. We could not predict the Delta variant even though I know that any B virus movie contains a mutant of an already nasty one and I bet that they thought a lot about that. So here we are and I know sufficiently enough to take a decision because I have to take it rapidly as there is urgency because not doing so makes me a selfish person putting the lives of the others in jeopardy. You see I am a scientist; at least I extensively use the scientific method so I thought long and hard about this argument. I made some calls, I spoke with friends who attended philosophy classes, and I came to the conclusion that no, I am not selfish and I should wait even if it meant waitingfor a matter of years. I spoke to people who studied the dynamism and cycle of viruses and once again I will not tell you for what result I obtained, you can do yourself and draw your own conclusion. Mine is taken. So can I go now in peace because I do not care a lot if you do not want me around, it does not even bother me that you point me out to your children as an example not to follow.

However, you are telling me now that you will strip me of my Rights, rights that I have put you here to uphold? One of the reasons I am writing this post is that today I read the opinion of what I can only name a congenital demure, who is someone with one million plus followers who was advocating shooting the antivaxers. It seems to me that it was some sort of politician, I could not go deeper as suddenly the tweet disappeared or to be more exact, the owner of the account limited its view.

We have to conclude that Twitter has no problem with that as long as these shooting campaigns are held among the family, who are the 1.7 million followers of the demure. 1.7 million followers who will spread the good news around like a…well a virus. You see friends and followers, now the situation is changing radically. My decision, which you refuse me the right to make, turns me de facto into an anti-vaxer which I claim I am not (not liking red cars does not make you automatically one who hates all cars). First of all, no Head of State has given me those rights that they are so easily now denying to me and others. It has been won the hard way, sometimes with a price paid in blood. When I say no, you cannot force me to take an injection,and I mean it. I do not give you this right. No democratic process has been fulfilled to justify enforcing these measures. And it is a choicethat does not belong to the CDC, Joe Biden,Johnson, the Pope or the ghost of Louis Pasteur.

Fair enough that I have no right to jeopardize your life and it seems that you sincerely think so as does ‘science’. I am sorry an emergency does not make no consent, a refusenik, an anti-vaxer and the undecided de facto second grade citizens. It is incumbent on our governments to make sure that our rights are enforced and protected. Would they have organized the exact same facilities, then a sort or apartheid of fairness due to the dire circumstances would arise, which implies new facilities, hospitals,and the lot would be needed. I know you will say absurd! But that is the only possible alternative that could possibly work to everyone’s satisfaction.

Now it is the really the last time that you can stop reading because it is the measures that my ‘kind’ (forgive me but these days the distinction is more and more accentuated and I am now willingly or not, included as part of a group) will take if I/we think you have lost reason. Before this however, allow me to ask you a question. I am exposed everyday to all kind of nasty things from fake news, pornography to terrorism where it is left for me to decide, but concerning Covid, I am judged to be incapable to guess what fake news is or not, so that YouTube,Twitter and mainstream media can decide what is good for my moral sanity. Have you not seen that in any dystopian film or book? So governments trust me to vote for the leaders who will take decisions like mandatory vaccinationbut do not trust me to decide if an idiot is selling me stupidities or it is a man with critical thoughts. Can I not recognize a professor of medicine who has serious opposition to the issue from a charlatan (pretending to be an expert)?

You will argue that if I have this knowledge, others don’t and letting them hear an opposing opinion or seeing their demonstrations will make them take risks which will hurt societyterribly as we do not have the time etc.,etc.,etc…I am very suspicious when you decide that it is dangerous for me to listen to others. Unfortunately, it becomes clearer and clearer that for me certainly upon hearing all those threats of shooting, camps, denial of education etc., that I am taking the full blow of a society that will not tolerate my decision and it maybe that soon it will come to physical intimidation and aggression. You have to understand that the response will be in kind and I am one of those if it comes to that and you fall in this absolute dictatorship of the mind, will get vaccinated to undermine you. This form of undermining will take all possible forms to respond in kind to what you apply to you and my kind.

Having diplomas, thinking like I do, I understand a bit of philosophy or at least try to and apply science to my everyday life and being educated, but that does not make me a sheep who will let you slaughter me in the name of I do not know what. You have to open your mind to the possibility that this can go very far into the ugly and it will stop only after I or the one coming after me, trails you to the bonfire of vanities. You will notice that contrary to other people, I carefully choose my words as Torquemada is watching on Twitter and this post could be considered abhorrent to morality and could deserve scrutiny. Apparently for those with political ambitions and millions of followers advocating shooting innocent people, it is not necessary. People you should read Kafka!

A last word for my followers. If you judge this far too excessive and it does not accord with someone you wish to follow, well I am truly sorry. It is my final unequivocal opinion until new information changes that state of affairs.

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