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Letter to the following: The Pro & Anti Vaccine camps. Pro & Anti Mask Wearers. The Publishers of Fake News And Publishers of Actual Mainstream News. The Conspiracists And The People.


Note: We have not been able to find a debate or speech from the oposition camp those being banned.

Dear All,

We are fed up being told what is fake news and what is not. We are bored being constantly told by the likes of Zuckerberg or any You Tube type mogul what should be seen, listened to or read. What we want is to decide by ourselves. We want to judge the anti-vaccine (vacs) arguments by listening to them. We want to see them. We do not want Mr.Zuckerberg to ban us, Twitter to remove us or to incinerate us on a public bonfire because we exercise the right of our opinion. We want to listen to mainstream science, we want to know the state of advances and research in technology but first and foremost we want to decide by ourselves.

We want to do that because we have been blessed by education (most of which was hard earned individually with no support).This same education taught us logic, choice, decision making and though not fully true, a degree of objectivity. The bottom line is, we do not give anyone the right to choose for us how to think, what we should eat, who to be politically affiliated to nor to choose between one nation and another. To the mainstream biologists, virologists and proponents of mask wearing, social distancers and the law makers : we say to you that we understand and agree that no one has the right to jeopardize the life of another human by transmitting an infection to place said person in mortal danger. Before we follow your proclamations in masking us like wanabee Jasons, isolating ourselves and denying the vital social contact that makes us human, multiplying the accumulated stress from debts fuelled by globally failing economies (mainly due to incompetence of those who dare call themselves our Leaders in whichever field) and before we jump into this Orwellian dystopian nightmare that you are shamelessly proposing to us, we demand that you prove the validity of your arguments.

“ What is not written does not exist.”
“ To boldly write what has not been written.”

To start with, answer a basic question. What was the impact of the mask on the spread of Influenza for this season? It’s far too easy a task as all the numbers are readily available. If the wearing of a mask has not dropped the influenza rate, you will have to explain to us its effectivity and the basis for reaching this conclusion given the same mode of transmission by Covid 19. As for the more difficult question, we demand that you openly debate with those who oppose you, not that you explain to us that Sputnik, Putnik or Foolnik is better as a vaccine but that you prove your position through empirical validation concerning something that we will inject in our bodies. If this is not possible, then you will have to explain that the “solutions” to the pandemic are only experimental.

For those who govern us and impose on us this draconian set of rules giving us a pathetic and dull world supposedly for the” greater good” we ask you to think and think well, because if today you are happily sending those who dare to have a contrary opinion to burn on the bonfire of approbation, it may well be that soon it will be your turn. As history tells us, these kinds of events have a pretty ugly ending. To know and understand that, you should have read at least one book of Human History.

To those who do not understand anything about virology, biology, pandemics, epidemic expansion (you represent 99% of the population), we will ask you a few questions. Why won’t you take your child to the plumber when they are sick? I will not insult your intelligence by giving you the answer so following the same logic, you should not listen to any politician about virology or urban planning as ultimately they have even less of a clue than you or we have. In this new era of intercommunication exchange and the rapidity of the exchange of information, it is time for you to vote and put into office those who are competent and have the academic background/knowledge to fully comprehend and perform more than adequately in the post.

Steven Martin, Anton Komarov, Sasha V. , Adriaan Botha

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