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Truckers for Freedom - Made In Canada By Sasha V

(References at the end of the Text).

In mid January 2022, a coordinated movement of Canadian truckers began the journey from all corners of Canada to the country’s capital, Ottawa, following PM Justin Trudeau’s announcement that mandatory “vaccines” will apply to all truckers, many of who often travel between Canada and the US, and people entering Canada. After two years of restrictions during the “covid pandemic”, it appears this was the straw that broke the collective camel’s back. Not only among truckers but also for huge numbers of citizens who are supporting them with their presence, financial, and practical help such as food, offers of showers, etc., and even spare rooms for a proper sleep.

They started arriving in Ottawa around the 29 January, some having travelled 5000 miles. After taking a short break, activists and public speakers, including Chris Sky [1], arrived from Monday 31 January to address the massive crowd that had gathered. The aim of the truckers and non truckers alike is to sit this out until all mandates are dropped and freedoms are restored. Obviously, the ar-rival of the truckers in Ottawa as well as the hordes of people in cars, on foot and even horseback is causing massive disruption in the city. However, the movement promotes peaceful, non compli-ance and at this stage of the game, this appears to be the best way to stop the tyrannical measures imposed on people in Canada and across the world.

-- some suggest Berlin and others Vancouver Island,”

Prior to their arrival, one relevant person was conspicuously missing from the city. Trudeau along with his family fled without notice to an unknown destination -- some suggest Berlin and others Vancouver Island, but there is no actual proof (that I have found) of either. It’s quite curious, though, that he would run for his safe space after stating in an address to MSM on 27 January that the movement constituted a “small fringe minority” with “unacceptable views” that don’t repre-sent the views of Canadians [2]...

“The small fringe minority of people who are on their way to Ottawa who are holding unacceptable views that they are expressing do not represent the views of Canadians who have been there for each other, who know that following the science and stepping up to protect each other is the best way to continue to ensure our freedoms, our rights, our values, as a country...” ... ”

To show support to the Canadian truckers, a convoy of trucks and cars from various states in the US also gathered at various points of entry to Canada, with many crossing the border and other con-voys travelling to DC. Trudeau it appears has wholly underestimated people from all walks of life who have united to try and restore basic freedoms. In fact, truckers across the world have now been inspired and mobilized or are planning convoys in other countries: Australia, Holland (to Bel-gium), Germany, and across Europe, including some East European countries, such as Latvia, Ro-mania and Hungary, and South American countries including Brazil. In addition to Ottawa, trucker and citizen protests are now taking place in other cities in Canada.

Support for the Truckers for Freedom has come not only in practical ways but also financially. A GoFundMe account for donations was set up early on in the movement and within a relatively short period of time, reached $10 million. At that point, on 4 February, GoFundMe, suddenly closed the account, stating “violation of terms of service” (now being investigated by US lawyers) and initially stated that it would give two weeks for donors to claim any donation then it would give the remaining funds to charities of their (GFM’s) choice. After an outcry, they have since backtracked on that and said that all donations will be refunded automatically within 7-10 days.[3]

This move certainly has shed doubt on the integrity of GoFundMe and it’s likely they have shot themselves in the foot as hosts for future fund-raising endeavours. The funds were raised, at least in part, to support truckers taking part because obviously they are unable to do paid trucking while this continues. Where did the command to close the account come from and in what way did it violate terms of service? Well according to, among other outlets, GoFundMe claimed that they believed the movement started off as a peaceful protest but in response to the Mayor of Ottawa and the police service, some “incidents” kicked off and violated Term 8 of their service, which prohibits users to engage in the promotion of violence and harassment. However, among all the citizen video footage out there, I have not seen any overt signs of harassment or vio-lence (except by police), although I have read that there have been incidents of ‘lone wolves’ incit-ing violent activities, which has angered genuine protestors. In cases where there have been such issues with behaviour, it begs the question whether they have been planted there to stir up trouble and discredit the whole movement.

They are also trying to block the supply of food and other essential items..”

The police are clamping down hard on the truckers and on 6 February banned the use of diesel and petrol for protestors and started confiscating fuel cans, as well as making arrests/issuing fines. [4] They are also trying to block the supply of food and other essential items. This is in temperatures sometimes well below 0 °C. The attempts to smear the movement as a terrorist organisation, vio-lent or engaging in harassment by the PM, police, and legacy media are well-recognized as false among the organisers and those taking part, and in general the mood has been positive and cheer-ful. In fact many families are attending with their children. [5] Would people really take their chil-dren to support terrorism, violence, racism or any of the other extreme titles bestowed on the movement by Trudeau?

The mayor and police service had hoped (openly stated) that by cutting off the funds, the truckers would not continue the protests. However, they have underestimated the determination of all tak-ing part and a new account was set up almost immediately on another funding platform, GiveS-endGo (which temporarily crashed the website) has already reached $4.5M as of today (7 Febru-ary). As the organisers of the Truckers for Freedom in Canada have stated, they are in it “for the long haul”. [5] The police are allegedly “stretched”, and the chief has said other measures might be needed including military aid. Fortunately, so far Trudeau despite his cowardly disappearance and refusal to speak to the masses has ruled out military intervention to deal with the situation. [6]

It’s fairly well known that MSM rarely provides accurate reporting of anti mandate and freedom demos (or any demo that doesn’t sit with whatever the “official” rhetoric is) which have taken place throughout the last year, often quoting “hundreds or a few thousand” in attendance, if men-tioned at all, and on the whole are still under-reporting the trucker movement. But when we are talking about, in many cases, massive trucks and other vehicles extending for miles (in Canada, the convoy extended over 45 miles in some parts), surely even MSM will have to accurately report them at some point, without the usual shameless deformation of the truth. For many people across the world, the Truckers for Freedom have given them some renewed hope that the tyranny, which has devastated many already, can be stopped.

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