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The International Outsider is published fortnightly on the Internet to bring you the most factually informative view of the main events during the past 2 weeks. We focus on Science, Astronomy and Cosmic data, Militaria, Politics, Human Rights and both Social Systems and the impact of various events like the current pandemic upon them. Additionally to the written word, we include videos which are apt for the particular topic making sure that the criteria inherent to that topic are fully included. Where we include opinion, it is always carefully thought out and when necessary, counterbalanced with either the prevailing or alternate viewpoint. At all times, the prevailing ethos is factually based reporting even when it flies in the face of what is the 'current'accepted truth. The following sums up our ethos: "What is not written does not exist." "To boldly write what has not been written." We hope you enjoy the content and look forward to continuing to inform as well as entertain you.

“ Open Access Media brings you unfettered access to articles, videos, live streaming, all free.”

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