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By Steven Martin

We May Go Where?

This insane pace at which life is now lived has with the advent of Corona brought sharply into focus a large number of highly relevant issues, some of which pertain to the way we allocate funding and what we regard as freedom. The immediate probability of nervous individuals wishing away the slowly gathering storm is very likely giving the rising feeling of unease and unsettledness by the global populations. Even those whose governments have taken all the right steps to avert viral contamination are not happy and are making their views air so the conversations are increasing. There is a shift in awareness (no matter how basic) that the truth is we can no longer continue on the path we have until now followed. The space exploitation race is beginning and with a few other little forward movements technologically (batteries, power generation and materials), we are being led to believe that we can look forward to a rosy future where the control that is exercised is such that life will be crime and stress free. And all this is being done for our good, to protect us from any unpleasantness arising be it through crime, poverty, or social upheaval. All for the greater good.The future is rosy indeed.

Really? At what cost to me personally, let alone the rest of humanity? Will I have to be fully and completely identified by DNA and be chipped? How will the cashless society work and is it to our benefit? We know that a large part of the bread and butter for the majority of people who are self employed in a society is based on small economic transactions often involving coins and minor denomination notes. Like the volume traders, e.g., supermarkets, they quickly add up. Taken in context, even a large economy like Italy is subject to the vagaries of the ‘black market’, which accounts at times for up to 50% of GDP. So most economies will have to take on board the loss of that income both for taxation purposes as well as employment/survival. I am not sure if the inability to purchase on the spur of the moment or instantly will lead to a change in spending patterns, which will cover the direct loss of the small transactions. Or will a system arise of bartering or exchange? Spending could become more managed and calculated, which commercial services and governments would utilise instantly but humans seldom follow the paths chosen for them and certainly will come up with alternatives that were not foreseen. We are not very accurate in our future forecasts unless we manipulate the events leading to the future point, and even then we are subject to what we like to refer to as chance or luck. The unexpected. The reason it is not expected is simple enough, we are unable or do not want to read the clear signs of imminent arrival.

“…The restrictions will lead us to a Gattaca or Orwellian 1984 type society...”

How will it be possible to do anything you want to within the limits proscribed by law? What those limits will become is a very worrying point and present events do not bode well given the ever tightening of the boundaries being put into place regarding social interactions. If you are chipped, then it will not be possible to go anywhere or do much without being observed and/or recorded. Fine if this prevents a heinous crime from being committed but what about me and you? What if we value our privacy and the fact that whatever we get up to is of no concern of anyone else as it either involves us alone or consenting/legally allowed participants. It could be a dinner party, an orgy, a debate or discussion, a plan to write a book or whatever but if there is no privacy, then what becomes of confidence? Does every business plan, idea or thought have to be even more carefully guarded or it will be stolen? The ability to formulate through informal discussion and occasional meetings will be curtailed as people stop interacting as openly as they do now. Big Brother will drive human communication underground again as it did in the Soviet Union (under Stalin) and in Cuba (under Castro) and in the USA (under McCarthyism, Vietnam War, and now) to name but few well known examples. Today it exists to differing extents among many repressive nations on this earth with the untoward re-emergence of the elimination of fact-based, quantifiable truth making its appearance part of the process. It is becoming visibly apparent in the EU, UK, USA, Israel and the usual litany of North Korea, Myanmar etc., as well as nations usually associated with a free press. Face to face communication, if not compromised, is still the safest and most private way to communicate. Why are they, the powers that be, so keen to cut our ability to communicate privately? Does the thought of the free passage of information and ideas worry them?

The DNA typing issue is still not resolved and will further widen so that much will depend on the DNA signature you personally have regarding employment, insurance or the ability to freely travel and indulge in certain jobs, sports or public offices. The restrictions will lead us to a Gattaca or Orwellian 1984 type society where you are born and typecast for life in a social position you cannot escape from by thought or deed. Yet more of the application of the divide and rule, so beloved of rulers of all sorts especially the extreme ones. We have proven many times over that life can be moulded through thought and its application so much so that our general culture abounds with examples from rags to riches and unknown geniuses to writers who have changed the course of history. This will dampen down the exploratory part of the human spirit and leave us poorer in all aspects of what we call our lives.

We are the ones who either through inaction (apathy) or by taking part in the electoral process have put into place those who decide our fate. It is time to accept our own responsibility for the state of affairs under which we flounder and decide whether to allow it to continue or whether we will take a defined position. No longer can we pass the buck and blame others. We elected them and allowed them to instigate the changes we dislike. Even if we refuse to acknowledge this, the time is shortly approaching where we will be forced to take a clear and unequivocal stand on many of these issues or we will find that events have overtaken us and there is no one left to speak up on our behalf.

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